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There is no escaping fate

the Fantastic melodrama Changing a reality on motives of the story of Filipa K. Dika - George Nolfi`s first director`s work. Nolfi - the co-author of scenarios to to Born`s Ultimatum to Twelve friends of Oushena and to a thriller the Security guard with Michael Duglasom, that is the person like involved in the big cinema, but as - that on a tangent. Certainly, to undertake as a debut a screen version of Filipa Dika - the enterprise risky enough. Not because its texts badly give in to adaptation - exactly on the contrary. On Diku, besides other, one of the best fantastic films in general - " is removed; Running on an edge Ridley Scott, many even more favourite to Remember all Paul Verhoeven, scale the Separate opinion Stephen Spielberg and skilful Turbidity Richard Linklejtera. Each new screen version will - bondage is compared to them, and they it maintain not all. Therefore Changing a reality from the very beginning cause easy scepticism.

the former sportsman, smiling and by sight near the regular guy David Norris (Matt Damon) - one of the youngest politicians in the history of America. In the 30 with something he stands for the congress from state of New York and does not doubt almost success. However all goes to the election day wrong way, in newspapers any dark history from devidovoj a youth emerges, he loses elections. But gets acquainted with charming dancer Elizoj (Emili Blant) in the same evening. Next day in the bus David wonderfully again meets her and definitively understands that a policy - a trifle in comparison with looming ahead of the big love. Here from nowhere appear dressed on a fashion 1930 - h severe men in hats, push David in a dark cellar and start to explain force to it as the Universe is arranged. They represent so-called updating Bureau which purpose - to watch, that all in the world went under in advance thought up Plan. If that deviates - it is possible to apply violence, for example to erase resisting memory. They, however, do not intend to touch David, at them only two conditions: he should tell to nobody about their existence and is obliged to forget for ever Elizu. Why - it is not so clear. Simply such is the plan written by the Chairman - whether God, whether still someone who is on its place. The second condition categorically is not pleasant to the hero: for the sake of the love it enters struggle against all-powerful Bureau which in an arsenal has means and much more convincing, than intimidating conversations.

despite an obvious overabundance of theatricality, in Changing a reality Filip Dik is distinctly felt. It is felt mainly in a theme. A firm course of books of Dika and films on them, distinct accent on as though scientific, mathematical measurement of irrational, spiritual things - consciousnesses, persons, memories, sensations of time. In Changing a reality this irrational - concept destinies foresights . But here there is one hitch: in the majority of films on Diku scientific character does not work, she turns around new morokom, fiction, follows the tastes of irrationality, instead of denies it. Therefore Dik and everything that is connected with it - as a whole at all science fiction, a certain version palp - existentialism what was very important for it nuar in 1930 - e and 1940 - e is faster. And reason capitulation, instead of its celebration - the main basis of all fantastic masterpieces, anyhow with Wild connected.

but in Changing a reality It does not occur. Expected troubles here completely it is replaced with a fair melodrama, moderately touching, but a little the colourless. To explain that such actually the foresight, quite is possible, but just in this good luck - the main failure basically a quite good picture of Nolfi. It too reminds diligent school exercise on a theme of Filipa Dika, and conscientiousness in this case - greatest of all possible errors.

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