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Not the Bond. Not James Bond

the film which has Left in 2008 of director Zheroma Sallja Largo Vinch. The beginning obviously, reflected as the first part of the franchise which should become the French answer to a Bondiana. Such message neudivitelen: it is known, how Frenchmen are baked about own cinema - there is even an erroneous representation that with domination of Hollywood in France struggle quotas on a national product in film service. Actually the protectionism at such level is not present, simply local producers try to compete to the American blockbusters, shooting films on the Hollywood curves - to remember Besson`s Hatch from it " enough; Hollywood on Hay stamping successful an action - series. plot in Burma - the second part of adventures of Largo Vincha, the character of the Belgian comics. It winds from the country in the country, it untangles financial frauds and periodically all sleeps with fatal beauties, and it against enough tehnichno the put fights, automobile pursuits and magnificent landscapes. This invoice is really terribly similar to a Bondiana, only it is the Bond with a human face: more likely nice ohlamon, than traditional nadutyj action hero.

Largo (Tomer Sisley) - the adopted son of rich Yugoslav Nerio Vincha (Mikki Manojlovich); that has hammered together large corporation of a name of which simply swells from money, and has had time to die mysteriously already in an outset of the first film. When - that Nerio has picked up small Largo in the Yugoslavian children`s shelter White pigeons has warmed and vsuchil a multi-billion condition of which the poor adopted child owing to not clear obstinacy continually strives to get rid. In the first series of Largo periodically gives the disinterested person and starts to fight for the fatherly inheritance only under the threat of its capture absolutely muddy characters with bad manners. nerio traditionally appears in fleshbekah to read to the anarchical successor the notation or instructively to hand over a penknife which killed own daddy - the drunkard. Thin - all is poor to the ending of the first series of Largo - taki enters possession of all burdensome fatherly economy, but in the beginning of the second again wants from it to get rid. He is going to sell the company and to enclose all obtained 53 billion in welfare fund. But the destiny in the person prokurorshi the international tribunal Dianas Franken (Sharon Stone) again does not allow to it to relax. Franken accuses Vinch Grup And Largo in a genocide of the peace population of Burma - ostensibly shortly before death of Nerio as a result of its financial frauds the whole burmese tribe has been destroyed by military mercenaries, and Largo, being in Burma, to it promoted. In the second series in comparison with the first the melodramatic line is strengthened: if earlier the unshaven brawny handsome man of Largo gave due to young ladies only in episodes - between times, on the run and as - that is unpersuasive in the second founders of the franchise have thought suddenly that it would be necessary to humour and female audience which dullishly to look at a naked action. Now in a plot there is a former girl Largo - Malunaj (Mums of Nakprasitte). With it he when - that had an affair in Burma, and now on a plan prokurorshi it should act as the main witness of charge against Largo.

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