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the Competitive managing director Open Company Prajd - Motors informs about sales of property by the public offer of following property: the basic means - 9 poses., spare parts and accessories - 2327 poses., the tool - 675 poses. A condition of division of property on prizes for sale: one unit of the property, one prize. The initial price of all property - 11 152 813,00 roubles. The property is to the address: the Perm edge, the Perm area, with. Froly, Frolovsky with/ p, territory FOXES . The organizer of sale of Open Company the Management company the Center . Demands are accepted within 30 days from a sale date started to the address: Perm, G.Zvezda`s street, 13. The Date started of sale 16. 03. 2011 At absence when due hereunder demands there is a reduction of price. The size of decrease in 10 % from the initial price also operates 30 days. Depreciation is made no more than 5 times. At application the physical person represents a passport copy. The legal body in addition applies on the demand notarially certified copies of constituent documents, a copy of the certificate on registration of the legal person, the report on executive office appointment, the power of attorney on the person, authorised to operate on behalf of the applicant if the demand moves the representative of the applicant, the inventory of documents. The buyer admits - the person made an application to the first. The report on definition of the winner subscribes next day after application. The purchase and sale contract subscribes within five days from the moment of signing of the report on definition of the winner. Payment under the contract of purchase and sale not later than 30 days from the moment of the contract conclusion on Open Company settlement account Prajd - Motors : an INN/ a check point 5904144478/ 590401001, r/ with 40702810049490176049 in Dzerzhinsk OSB of 6984 of Perm, BIK 045773603, to/ with 30101810900000000603. To receive the additional information and to familiarise with property it is possible to the address: Perm, G.Zvezda`s street, 13, or on t.: (342 218 - 31 - 32, the electronic address: www. tereza - group. ru.