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the Organizer of the auctions - Open Company the Merchant Court yard (the address of the organizer of the auctions: 350000 Krasnodar, street Levanevsky, 108, of. 22; bodies.: 8 (861) 2103648; e-mail: kupecheski_dvor@mail. ru) holds the auctions in the form of auction on the increase, opened on structure of participants and under the form of the offer of the price, on sale of a subject of pledge - the car of mark GAS 2752, 2008 of the release belonging to Individual businessman Stepanovu Yury Nikolaevichu (Krasnodar territory, Korenovsky r - n, h. Bottom, street of Builders, 8, 233530550666, 306233508100011). If the property is not sold at the first auctions, the repeated auctions will be held. The initial price of auction - 208900 rbl., the deposit - 20890 rbl., a step of auction 10445 rbl. (at the repeated auctions the initial price of auction - 188010 rbl.) To participation in the auctions the persons (Applicants) who signed the contract on the deposit and have brought till the moment of application the deposit, presented the demand with the appendix of following documents in the form of originals or notarially certified copies are supposed: the document on deposit payment, an extract from EGRJUL (for the legal person), an extract from EGRIP (for the individual businessman), the document proving the identity (for the physical person), the document on powers of the representative of the Applicant. Acquaintance with a subject of the auctions and tendering order, agreement undertaking about the deposit, demands acceptance and appendices to them - with 14. 03. 2011 on 08. 04. 2011 (for the repeated auctions - with 02. 05. 2011 on 27. 05. 2011) to the address of the organizer of the auctions. The auctions and leading of their results will take place 15. 04. 2011 at 16 o`clock. 00 minutes (the repeated auctions and leading of their results will take place 03. 06. 2011 at 16 o`clock. 00 minutes) To the address of the organizer of the auctions. The purchase and sale contract consists within 10 days after signing of the report with the winner of the auctions who is defined at the highest price of the offer. Term of payment for property - within 30 days from the date of contract signing. Requisites for deposit payment: Open Company the Merchant Court yard ; an INN 2308148123, a check point 230801001, r/ with 40702810600400000392, in Open Society Krajinvestbank Krasnodar, to/ with 30101810500000000516, BIK 040349516.