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the Organizer of the auctions - Open Company AuktsionTorg repeatedly holds the auctions by the public offer on property sale IP (Head KFH) Kuritsyn Ivan Petrovich (the Rostov region, Neklinovsky area, with. Sinjavsky, street October, 69): the Prize 1 - the Building kormotseha, square of 361,6 sq. m, the initial price 2 808 114 rbl., floor price - 842 434 rbl. 20 copeck; the Prize 2 - the Building of a pigsty of square of 1703 sq. m, the initial price - 3 120 000 rbl., floor price - 936 000 rbl.; the Prize 3 - a pigsty building, the initial price - 3 570 000 rbl., floor price - 1 071 000 rbl.; the Prize 4 - transport and the equipment, the initial price - 2 489 662 rbl., floor price - 746 898 rbl. 60 copeck Size of decrease in the initial price - 5 % (five percent) from the initial price each 7 (seven) calendar days within 14 weeks (98 calendar days). Summarising of the auctions - last day the period at 18 o`clock. 00 minutes to the address: 344037, Rostov-on-Don, street Bujnaksky, 2/ 56. Demands are accepted by the Organizer of the auctions from 10 o`clock. 00 minutes till 12 o`clock. 00 minutes, to the address: Rostov-on-Don, street Bujnaksky, 2/ 56. For participation in the auctions it is necessary to present: the demand, an extract from EGRJUL (for legal persons), an extract from EGRIP (for IP) or notarially certified copies; a copy of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation (for physical persons); the document confirming powers of the person on realisation of actions on behalf of the applicant. The winner of the auctions the participant of the auctions who has presented the first when due hereunder the application form for participation in the auctions, containing the offer on the price of property of the debtor, which not below the initial price of sale of property of the debtor, established in the given period admits. From the date of definition of the winner of the auctions demands acceptance stops. The purchase and sale contract consists with the winner of the auctions. Payment within 30 days from the date of the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale. It is possible to familiarise with rules of the auctions, the demands acceptance schedule, structure of property and its characteristics at the Organizer of the auctions to the address: Rostov-on-Don, street Bujnaksky, 2/ 56, e - a mail: torgi. rostov@mail. ru, bodies.: (863 255 - 11 - 66, daily with 10 - 00 to 12 - 00.