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the Competitive managing director Joint-Stock Company Factory of experimental technics (456091, Chelyabinsk, Lenin`s avenue, 2, an INN 7452001108, a check point 745201001, OGRN 1027403773066) Matlygin Ivan Aleksandrovich (NP SRO Guild of arbitration managing directors 420111, Kazan, street Kremlin, d. 13, and/ I 370), confirmed by the decision of Arbitration court Chelyabinsk 13. 01. 2010 on business 76 - 8928/ 2010 - 52 - 102 declares tendering on sale of property of the debtor. The auctions are spent after 30 working days from the moment of the message publication at 11:00 to the address: Chelyabinsk, Lenin`s avenue, 2. A subject of the auctions:

Number Lota the equipment Name, model Initial sale price

1 Uninhabited premise 2 (it is administrative - the household case), located to the address: Chelyabinsk, avenue Lenin, 2 11 741 200

To participation in the auctions are supposed legal and the physical persons who have directed the written application form for participation in the auctions in the free form by mail to the address: 620072, Ekaterinburg, and/ I 277. Application forms for participation in the auctions are accepted within 25 working days, from the date of the publication, with 09. 30 on 17. 00, the offer on the price of a got prize is represented in the closed form, in the demand should be specified: the name, OGRN, an INN/ a check point, the legal address, bank details. Certified copies are applied on the demand notarially: constituent documents (for physical persons - passports), certificates on record entering in EGRJUL, statements on the tax account and properly the certified copy p/ p about transfer of the deposit at a rate of 10 % from the sale price.

requisites: r/ sch. 40702810500200004775 in BANK Neiva Open Company (624130, Sverdlovsk area, Novouralsk, street Frunze, d. 9), to/ sch. 30101810800000000774 in RKTS Kirovograd, BIK 046515774, an INN 6629001024. E - a mail: info@neyvabank. ru.

the Winner the participant who has offered the greatest price admits.

following the results of the auctions in day of their carrying out with the winner of the auctions the report on results of the auctions subscribes. The purchase and sale contract consists a current of 5 days from the moment of reception of the offer of the competitive managing director about the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale, payment is carried out within 30 days after contract signing.

documents on the auctions, the form of the contract on the deposit, etc. documents it is possible to familiarise to the address: Ekaterinburg, street May Day, 15 - 306, and also on bodies.: 8(343) 283 - 05 - 83 (84).