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the Organizer of the auctions - the Competitive managing director Open Company the Monolith of Systems (420036, street Tetsevsky, d. 1, Kazan, Republic Tatarstan) OGRN 1071690023492, an INN 1658085647, Leonov Alexander Vladimirovich operating on the basis of the Decision of Arbitration court of Republic Tatarstan on business 65 - 1002/ 2010 from 25. 02. 10, inform on carrying out 15. 04. 2011 in 13. 00 auctions in the form of opened, on structure of participants and the form of giving of the offer, auction on cost increase on sale of property of Open Company the Monolith of Systems being to the address: RT, Kazan, street Tetsevsky. d. 1:

the Prize 1 - Imushchestvenno - an industrial complex on manufacture of concrete and concrete products: appointment: uninhabited, accession number 11370, letters To, L, 1, M, N, P, R, 6, 7, the certificate a Series 16 - AB 083983; the Ground area, a category of the earths: the earths of settlements, the area 2687 sq. M, Cadastral number 16:50:210401:0032, the Certificate a Series 16 - AB 083984; the Industrial equipment - 46 names. The initial price - 40700000 rbl., the Size of the deposit - 10 % from the initial price, an auction step - 5 % from the initial price.

a prize 2 - Avtobetonosmesitel 58147 on chassis KamAz - 53229 - 15, 2008 of release. The initial price - 1350000 rbl. the Size of the deposit - 10 % from the initial price, an auction step - 5 % from the initial price.

the period of demands acceptance, acquaintance with property and the conclusions of the contract on the deposit: with 11. 00 hours 12. 03. 2011 on 13. 00 hours 12. 04. 2011 in the working days. The demand is accepted in writing, with instructions of data on the applicant, data on presence of interest of the applicant in relation to the debtor, with appendices: the original document confirming entering of the deposit, notarially certified copies: extracts from EGRJUL (EGRIP); constituent documents; certificates about GRJUL (IP); The certificate on statement on the tax account; powers of controls, the decision of controls on participation in the auctions, the power of attorney, the inventory of given appendices in duplicate.

the deposit is brought on: r/ with 40702810700000010436, in Joint-Stock Company AIB the MORTGAGE - invest Kazan, to/ with 30101810600000000821, BIK 049209821, till 12. 04. 2011. The winner of the auctions the participant who has offered the highest price admits. Results of the auctions are brought 15. 04. 2011 in 17. 00 on a venue of the auctions and as the report on results of the auctions with the winner subscribes. Within 5 (five) days from the date of leading of results of the auctions the winner concludes the purchase and sale contract. During 30 (thirty) calendar from the date of the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale the buyer is obliged to pay all-round price of sale of property.

inquiries by phone: 8 - 9050 - 21 - 89 - 91, e - a mail: leonovalex@yandex. ru. The Mailing address: 420108, Kazan, street of Furriers, and/ I 86. Demands acceptance and a venue to the address: Kazan, the Military camp 2, d. 142/ 1.