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the Competitive managing director Joint-Stock Company Teplovodstroj - SPK (OGRN 1037200562827, an INN 7203122977, 625014, Tyumen, Republic street, 250) Kondrashov V. T (625049, Tyumen, street the Moscow path, d. 143, a building 2, sq. 65, bodies. (3452) 275164) declares carrying out 18. 04. 11 in 09. 00 on an electronic trading platform of Open Company JUTender to the address: www. utender. ru the repeated auctions on sale of a debt receivable of Joint-Stock Company Teplovodstroj - SPK in the form of auction with the closed form of representation of offers on the property price.

the name of the debtor, the debts sum. a prize 1 : Open Company the Plasticity - the Industry - 433406,73 rbl. the Initial price 131552,1 rbl.; the Prize 2 : Open Company Purnefteprodukt - 41972 rbl. the Initial price 6696 rbl. the Prize 3 : Open Company metallist - 448 750 rbl. the Initial price 3231 rbl.; The Prize 4 : Open Company PF the Brand - 4009353,25 rbl. the Initial price 1216956,6 rbl.; the Prize 5 : IP Malekina E. V - 12477,22 rbl. the Initial price 90 rbl.; the Prize 6 : Open Company Uralspetsstroj - 20000 rbl. the Initial price 1440 rbl.; the Prize 7 : Open Company the South Ural fuel company - 32408 rbl. the Initial price 5169,6 rbl.; the Prize 8 : Open Company Horst - 200000 rbl. the Initial price 28800 rbl.; the Prize 9 : Open Company Strojservisproekt - 1500000 rbl. the Initial price - 108000 rbl.; the Prize 10 : Open Company the New format - 23000 rbl. the Initial price 1656 rbl. the Prize 11 : Open Company Sevan - 34175,65 rbl. the Initial price 245,7 rbl. the Prize 12 : Open Company the Iceberg - 320119,23 rbl. the Initial price 23049 rbl.

Application forms for participation in the auctions are accepted in the electronic form by means of system of electronic document circulation on a site in a network the Internet, to the address: www. utender. ru with 14. 03. 11 to 15. 04. 11 with 10 to 16 in the working days. The applicant the persons who have in due time made an application necessary form and necessary documents, provided by the Order of Ministry of economic development and trade of Russia from 15 admit. 02. 2010 N 54, concluded the contract of the deposit and listed the deposit till 15. 04. 11 at a rate of 10 % from NTSL on requisites: Joint-Stock Company Teplovodstroj - SPK 40702810322990000836 in Open Society Zapsibkombank BIK 047130639, to/ with 30101810100000000639, an INN 7203122977, a check point 720301001.

the Winner - the participant of the auctions who have offered a ceiling price. The contract of a concession of the rights - 5 days. Full payment - 30 days. Acquaintance to property to 15. 04. 2011 with 10:00-15:00 to the address: Tyumen of street the Gilevsky grove, 18, p. 1, 3 floor, (3452 275164, pravgildia@bk. ru.

the Contract draught on the deposit: 1. The applicant as the deposit lists for participation in the auctions on the above-stated requisites, and the Competitive managing director accepts the deposit on r/ from the debtor on account of due payments in case of a recognition its winner of the auctions and the conclusions of the contract of purchase and sale of property. 2. The deposit is an indispensable condition of participation in the auctions. 3. In case of a prize at the auctions, the deposit sum - on account of prize payment. 4. If the Applicant is not recognised by the winner of the auctions the Competitive managing director returns the deposit in the full size within 5 working days after report signing. If the Applicant recognised as the winner of the auctions, has refused report signing, or has not concluded the Contract of purchase and sale of property within 5 days from the date of reception of offer KU to conclude the purchase and sale contract the deposit does not come back.

the Auctions on sale of the above-stated property, appointed on 22. 02. 11, are recognised by not taken place in connection with absence of demands.