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the Competitive managing director Joint-Stock Company the Agricultural enterprise Uralvagonagro Remizov J. V informs on not taken place auctions (the publication 59030004656 from 05. 02. 2011 in the newspaper ) In a kind of absence of demands on to a prize 4 and refusal of the winner of contract signing on to a prize 3 . the Prize 1 - agricultural machinery is sold at the price of 911 807,80. Rbl., a prize 2 - KIA car the Spectrum it is sold at the price of 143 524,20 rbl. Winners by interested persons are not.

the organizer of the auctions - the competitive managing director of Joint-Stock Company SHP Uralvagonagro Remizov J. V informs that 17. 05. 2011 in 14 - 00 (time local) to the address: Nizhni Tagil, street Timirjazeva, 54, office 204, will take place the repeated auctions in the form of the auction opened on structure of participants and the form of giving of the offer on the price, on sale of property of the debtor - Joint-Stock Company SHP Uralvagonagro (an INN - 6648021160, Sverdlovsk area, Suburb, village Novopanshino, street Youth, 10).

To sale it is offered: the PRIZE 3 - the Car Ford Focus 2005 of release. The initial price of a prize - 123701,40 rbl.; the PRIZE 4 - Open Company Debt receivable the Agricultural enterprise the Victory Sverdlovsk area, Suburb, with. novopanshino, 10, a face-value 11964672,29 rbl. the Initial price of a prize - 1378566 rbl.;

an auction Step on all prizes, at a rate of 5 % from the initial price of a prize. The auctions are spent according to Offers of the competitive managing director on an order, on terms and on terms of sale of property of Joint-Stock Company SHP Uralvagonagro . For participation in the auctions the applicant gives (personally or through the plenipotentiary) following documents:

For legal bodies: - the application form for participation in the auctions in 2 copies; - the inventory of the given documents in 2 copies; - notarially certified copies of constituent documents (the charter and etc.) ; - An extract from the Uniform state register of the legal bodies, received not earlier than before 14 calendar days before application; - the payment order with a bank mark about the execution, confirming entering of the deposit or an extract from the account; - the written decision of corresponding controls of the applicant, resolving acquisition of property if it is necessary according to constituent documents of the applicant and the legislation; - the consent of antimonopoly body, if necessary; - acknowledgement of the right to sign of the person who has made an application;

it is necessary for Physical persons to give - the application form for participation in the auctions in 2 copies; - the inventory of the given documents in 2 copies; - a passport copy; - the original of the payment document confirming entering of the deposit; - notarially certified consent of the spouse to acquisition of property of the debtor; - Individual businessmen represent notarially certified copies of the certificate on registration and certificates on statement on the account in tax department.

demands acceptance and documents is made on a venue of the auctions to 13. 05. 2011, in the working days with 10 - 00 to 16 - 00 local times. During the same time and in the same place it is possible to familiarise with the demand form, tendering order, treaty provisions about the deposit, other data on property. Contact phone: 8 - 982 - 306 - 34 - 35. The deposit for the persons who have expressed intention to participate in the auctions, is established at a rate of 10 % from initial cost of property (prize) and paid by transfer of money resources to the settlement account of the Debtor during term of giving of documents from the moment of the publication of the message on tendering in the newspaper . Under the decision of the organizer of the auctions probably imprisonment before trail of the contract on the deposit. Requisites of the settlement account for deposit entering: Joint-Stock Company SHP Uralvagonagro an INN/ a check point 6648021160/ 664801001, OGRN 1026602089315, r/ with 40702810707000702734 in Open Society branch transkreditbank in Ekaterinburg, BIK 046577892, to/ with 30101810900000000892.

the Winner of the auctions the participant who has offered a ceiling price admits. Following the results of the auctions, in day of their carrying out and on a venue, with the winner of the auctions the report on results of the auctions subscribes. Not later than 10 calendar days from the date of signing of the report on results of the auctions the purchase and sale contract subscribes. In the purchase and sale contract payment by the buyer of the penalty in case of its evasion or refusal of property payment is provided. Payment under the contract is made on requisites specified above, not later than 30 calendar days from the date of signing of the contract of purchase and sale.