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The Russian authorities have written to Strasbourg

the Russian authorities have demanded from the European court under human rights (ESPCH) to recognise the complaint of opposition to infringements to elections to Duma of 2003 unacceptable. In the memorandum sent to Strasbourg signed by the deputy minister of justice of George Matjushkina, affirms that the Russian oppositionists are not victims Convention infringements under human rights, and any discrimination during the Russian elections it is not fixed . Representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, on the contrary, are assured that their complaint completely corresponds to the convention, and predict that it can be considered in the summer.
the memorandum of the authorities of the Russian Federation signed by the deputy minister of justice George Matjushkina is the official answer of Russia to questions ESPCH under the complaint of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and party the Apple and also seven citizens. The complaint has been submitted in 2005, and kommunitsirovana by court in October of last year. Then to the Russian authorities has been allowed to present term till January, 26th, 2011 answers to court questions. Mister Matjushkin who is to the authorised Russian Federations at ESPCH, has prepared the scale document - 93 sheets of the memorandum and more than 200 sheets of appendices. Now on it applicants prepare the answer.

the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the Apple and also Vladimir Ryzhkov, Irina Khakamada, Sergey Ivanenko, Vadim Solovev, Evgenie Kiselyov, George Satarov and Dmitry Murat have addressed to Strasbourg with the joint complaint after the Supreme court of the Russian Federation has refused to satisfy the complaint of incorporated opposition. In 2004 they demanded to recognise as void results of elections in the State Duma. For this purpose applicants have considered as the basis infringements during election campaign, in particular unequal access of parties to mass-media, falsification of reports, use by the party in power steam locomotives which have in large quantities refused mandates.

ESPCH has put before the authorities of the Russian Federation three blocks of questions: whether all parties and the candidates participating in elections, " received; corresponding possibilities for illumination of their activity in mass-media whether applicants " had; protection effective remedies in connection with their complaints to unequal access to mass-media and whether they were exposed to discrimination on elections. Mister Matjushkin has approached to the answer to these questions from apart. Almost he has devoted third of document to the analysis of the Russian legislation, up to an order of formation of local electoral committees.

on belief of the deputy minister from the Russian laws follows that editions of mass-media had the right freely, without any coordination with state bodies to shine the events occurring during election campaigns and information support of elections was regulated on the basis of the concept of so-called strict equality of participants of election campaign . As affirms as the memorandum, in business the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and others against Russia the situation of a direct or indirect interdiction for distribution of the information on applicants on the central TV channels " did not take place at all;. Besides, it is underlined in the answer, except TV applicants could use others informing sources - radio, printing editions, the Internet, evident propaganda. On the basis of it mister Matjushkin does a conclusion that all parties and candidates have received equal possibilities for expression of the sights in mass-media, political debate during pre-election campaign is free from intervention from the state and the authorities of the Russian Federation did not undertake any actions in support of any party . Concerning performance of president Vladimir Putin at congress an United Russia two months prior to elections of the deputy minister has informed that it it has been addressed participants of congress, instead of voters .

As to mass refusal of candidates of the party in power of mandates (technology steam locomotives ) That the position of the authorities is simple: as any selected deputy has the right to refusal of the mandate and transfer to its other person, to regard such actions as deception of voters it is not obviously possible . Thus the authorities are convinced that, as the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and to the Apple within the limits of state support were allocated the huge sizes budgetary funds hardly probable it is possible to draw a conclusion that they when - or were exposed to any discrimination : the Authorities of the Russian Federation insist that applicants are not victims of infringement of the rights guaranteed by the convention . Mister Matjushkin asks to recognise the complaint of opposition unacceptable and to reject it.

as has explained lawyer Vadim Prokhorov (it represents the Apple And the majority of applicants), after reception ESPCH of the reciprocal memorandum of applicants by court will be solved simultaneously a question of an acceptability of the complaint and its consideration in essence. Now over preparation of the answer of opposition six lawyers work. The head of legal service of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Vadim Solovev who is also one of applicants, has told that the complaint completely corresponds conventions and its authors intend to bring matters to the end . As to statements of the authorities about equal access to mass-media mister Solovev has reminded that else some tens boxes of proofs of the return (teleether videorecording) have been presented to the Supreme court. Under forecasts of the communist, business can be considered in the summer.

we will remind that in some days after ESPCH took in manufacture the opposition complaint, the head of the Constitutional court Valery Zorkin has published article a compliance Limit In which has declared that decision ESPCH under the claim of incorporated opposition can be used for rocking of the Russian society under scenarios orange, tjulpanovyh and other designed revolutions .