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Have rushed to the escalator, and on its place there was simply a hole

new messages on explosion in the Minsk underground Arrive. The central television of Belarus has shown the first shots of incident at station October . To spectators have shown videorecordings of observation cameras in the underground. On them the explosion moment is visible. It has thundered in rush hour at the station located in immediate proximity from president residence of Belarus. Seven persons became victims. It is informed about more than 50 - ti victims who are hospitalised with burns and traumas. On direct communication with FM there was an eyewitness of events, the psychologist Diana Komlach.
Apparently, I while in shock. Ears ring, but to me has very much carried - I remained is live. I will celebrate today, as the second birthday. I have gone down on the escalator downwards, people was much. Many people were going to rise in the underground. The train has come and literally a minute later when I have made 5 - 6 steps explosion has thundered, besides simultaneously in the same second has thundered in two places - for me and before me, - the eyewitness tells. - I have appeared between two blast waves. But on me has not hooked by splinters - anything, only has deafened. People were frightened, from different directions has tumbled down a caustic smoke. The woman at whom the clothes burnt ran. All have rushed to the escalator, and on its place there was simply a hole. This terrible condition when you underground, to breathe difficultly. All is dark, people frightened. It is literally through 2 - 3 minutes of this horror the person from service of the underground has come and through a lateral exit us began to deduce on upwards .