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Marshrutchiki after explosion carry free of charge

Businessman FM shares the materials received from Twitter which users give last information on explosion in the Minsk underground, and also argue on the reasons and tragedy consequences.
users Twitter actively discuss events in the Minsk underground. So, domankov has informed that explosion in the underground has occurred on transition to stations Kupalovsky - October and aktok_company has specified: similar that it has occurred between the second and third car in a train on the Moscow line of the underground .

the User markdaim quotes eyewitnesses: At once in a train povybivalo windows, also light was switched off. Explosion has occurred, when doors have opened and people began to leave .

iMolodec has warned that Minsk can expect a transport collapse because movement on the core and unique knot of the underground is stopped . Last_Striker Has confirmed: After explosion into the underground in ground transport practically not to be hammered - it obviously does not suffice .

Concerning the information from mass-media writes Compulenta: RIA News informs that shots with the explosion moment have been shown on air of the Central TV of Belarus. I of anything such did not see! . It asks a question: Why 2 hours prior to GAI explosion has blocked podzdy to the prospectus?! .

Besides, users actively build own versions, sometimes and grotesque character: olgatsygankova will not be surprised, if will tell that it at someone Chinese nout has unintentionally blown up in the car .

Belrusnet has stated fear, that still state of emergency have not entered, in connection with explosion in the underground . that nuts will even more twirl - to the grandma do not go - the user has assured.

Also tvitterchane have reminded Muscovites about domodevskoj tragedies, holding up as an example local drivers of fixed-route taxis. Markdaim has told that marshrutchiki after explosion carry free of charge. Russia it is still far before such mutual assistance! . With it has agreed and Juschtell, having sung: to Ava marshrutchiki - and having explained that marshrutchiki do not want to take for journey . follow an example - he has addressed, possibly, to their Moscow colleagues.

De_ce_de has informed on active work of medical workers, as he said even the children`s doctor - the anaesthesiologist of 1 hospital accepts victims .

Besides, correspondents of RBC in a tape ru_rbc have informed that under the informal information, in a city the plan " is entered; the Siren which is entered at emergency situations.

Malika_leila has shared reasonings: Explosion have prepared either nonprofessionals, or very good professionals .

Tormashka has reminded that there was all rovnenko when people from work go - 17. 56 .