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“ Russia “ the Tax service has got to tax blockade

demands in the Rostov arbitration of bankruptcy of Open Society “ the Film concert complex “Russia“ “ (is going to build on a place of the cinema with the same name an entertainment complex). In Open Society say that the debts have arisen from - for errors in accounts department, and promise to extinguish it within a week. In the company do not refuse the project, now “ Russia “ carries on negotiations for its financing.

the arbitration has brought action about bankruptcy of Open Society “ the Film concert complex “Russia“ “ on April, 7th, it is told on a site YOU. As the claimant has acted FNS on Lenin area of Rostov to which Open Society has run into debt under taxes more than 600 thousand rbl. It is remarkable that bankruptcy procedure on an insisting of tax departments goes on the simplified procedure. The head of department imushchestvenno - ground relations of Rostov (department is the co-owner of Open Society) Marina Abramova referring to a complex management has explained „“ that the claim about bankruptcy has arisen from - for errors in accounts departments of the company and in the near future debts will be extinguished.

this information was confirmed with the chief executive “ the Film concert complex “Russia“ “ Yury Hortov. As he said, the company has listed the sum of debts at a rate of 680 thousand rbl. on wrongly specified requisites. Within the next week debts will be extinguished in full, he speaks. Tax mister Hortov connects activity including with intrigues of the competitors reckoning on attractive real estate in the centre of Rostov.

he has added that the company is not going to refuse the civil-engineering design on a place of a dilapidated cinema of Rostov of an entertainment complex a total area more than 25 thousand in sq. m. The investor has already started dismantling of an old building of a cinema. According to mister Hortova, it will occupy an order of two months. Works on object carries out genpodrjadchik Open Company buildings “ JUgRegionStroj “. The complex should be put in operation by the end of 2012.

the Rostov cinema “ Russia “ has opened in 1959. In 2005 the mayoralty declared competition business - plans for its reconstruction. The winner it has been recognised by Open Society “ Rostdonavtovokzal “ with which the authorities have founded Open Society “ the Film concert complex “Russia“ “. The cinema building, and " became the contribution of a city to Open Society authorised capital stock; Rostdonavtovokzal “ (has received 75 % of actions a minus one action of the new company) has incurred the obligation to invest in realisation of the project of 107 million rbl. by the General director of the company is Raphael Samurgashev.

investors planned to finish Initially reconstruction of a cinema still in 2007 - 2008. However during inspection of a platform by institute “ Rostov “PromstrojNIIproekt“ “ it was found out that as a result procorfs of a ground the building does not give in to restoration. Investors had to change the project concept. The decision to take down an old building was accepted and to construct on its place an entertainment complex “ Pushkin “ in cost of 830 million rbl. According to mister Hortova, further this sum can grow depending on change of the prices for building materials. According to the project, building TRTS “ Pushkin “ will total seven floors. There will take place the children`s centre (2,6 thousand sq.), trading - dosugovyj a complex (2,2 thousand sq.), it is sports - the improving centre about fitness - halls, youth club (1 thousand sq.), 8 - zalnyj a cinema - from 75 places to 294 (2,3 thousand sq.), and on a roof is planned cafe creation. According to Yury Hortova, now Open Society carries on negotiations with two networks - “ Karo - a film “ and “ kinomaks “ - about management of a cinema. Opening of a grocery supermarket in the centre is not provided. “ we understand that the grocery shop will give the additional traffic, but have decided to concentrate on an entertaining component “ - he has noted, having added that Broadcasting Company should involve anyway a great number of visitors and pay off within seven years, unlike a cinema giving minimum (an order of 17 %) profitability.

while open there is a question of financing of the project. As Yury Hortov has informed, the company has already enclosed in Broadcasting Company of 40 million rbl. of own means and 20 million rbl. of extra bank VTB. The bank opened to the investor the demand line of credit on 200 million rbl., but in 2008 it has been frozen - the parties have not converged in credit rates. Now Open Society carries on negotiations with VTB and the Turkish investment fund specialising on building of similar objects. While certain arrangements it is not reached.

General director AN “ the Sail “ Maxim Hmel considers the project perspective enough. “ Broadcasting Company will be in the central part of a city where there are no similar objects and the traffic is high enough. The new complex in the centre is quite capable to receive a part of visitors TRTS “Horizon“ which is far enough from the centre “ - he has noted. “ as far as I understand, 25 thousand in sq. m of the entertaining areas at “Horizon“ is not present. Therefore in this part “Pushkin“ it is quite capable to compete with TRTS “ - the general director of consulting company Macon Realty Group Ilya Volodko agrees.

Sergey Radchenko from legal bureau the SOUTH notices that the so-called simplified scheme of bankruptcy is used in two cases: if the debtor is liquidated or in case of actual absence of the debtor.