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Officials have run together on garbage

In a past week-end two thousand employees of administration of the Volgograd region left on cleaning of streets of Volgograd. Scope of the action could be and is wider, but brooms and grabel it has appeared less, than officials. Meanwhile from - for low financings time storehouses of garbage turn to constants, there is no technics and containers, building of ranges is curtailed,
and the part of territories at all has no owners. Some observers connect genuborku in Volgograd absolutely with other reason - with visit expected in May of Vladimir Putin.
deducing the subordinates on otchistku streets, governor Anatoly Brovko has referred to Dmitry Medvedev`s instructions, which has urged to spend the big cleaning on all country . Having visited the day before subbotnika Dubovsky area, mister Brovko has burst in the angry rebuff: Really it is impossible to organise works in the territory? We that - pigs, whether that?! How many officials were on subbotnike? Beer is drunk there by your officials! They with brooms should stand and clean, instead of beer to drink! in two days of thousand state and municipal employees have been put under a broom . While the subordinated banks of street, mister Brovko with and. The island of the head of Volgograd Sergey Sokolovym planted a tree in park near party office an United Russia . And vitse - governors supervised this very day gathering and garbage removal in all areas of Volgograd. According to the order, in persistent work the day off and employees of structural divisions have spent. The action will last till the end of April.

meanwhile local administrations do not have not enough means for garbage cleaning, and the corresponding regional program, according to Office of Public Prosecutor, remains on a paper . In each settlement there are places of time accumulation of a waste, but they develop into places of constant accumulation because neither forces, nor means as explain bodies MSU, at them are not present - Marina Panevkina has told the representative of the Volga inter-regional nature protection Office of Public Prosecutor. Financial deficiency has led to shortage of specialised transport, there are no means for recycling, container platforms are available, at the best only in third of settlements. As a result of unapproved dumps in 2009 it is fixed 952, and in 2010 - m nearby 600, but this figure still not final.

the collected garbage there is no place to take out. Only five specialised ranges, all in Volgograd and Volzhsk operate. And plans on building of six ranges in the rural areas, conceived in 2003, are cancelled. The part of territories of the Volgograd region in general has appeared neutral. As Marina Panevkina has explained , municipal unions, in whose territory there are forest belts, refuse to put up in their cleaning money: For them it will be a no-purpose expenditure of means . Without the owner there were even territories in the centre of Volgograd. In April the region Office of Public Prosecutor has informed that some streets do not appear as subject to cleaning within the limits of the municipal contract .

that officials left on streets and became closer to the people, it is good, - the deputy of regional Duma Michael Tarantsov (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) believes. - But all - taki from them wait for competent administrative decisions, system work on financial questions . The observer has noticed that the big cleaning it is started on the eve of expected arrival to Volgograd on Vladimir Putin`s party action. they, in general - that, also do not hide that prepare for its arrival - Michael Tarantsov has noticed.