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Depth of remote places

In Moscow comes to an end festival the Gold mask . As usual, Petersburg, and Moscow too nominees news are not, therefore looks of the capital theatrical public appear are turned to theatres from other cities — including obliged by the birth to natives of both Russian capitals. Tells the NOVEL DOLZHANSKY.
Time in a year - during festival the Gold mask - the Moscow spectators have chance to see than and as there lives a theatrical province. For a long time the following is known: without theatres from the Russian regions Masks cannot be, because the award All-Russia, and the Union of theatrical figures, it is no time founded, - the organisation too All-Russia so the private quota on provincial theatres yes will be filled by somebody. At the same time is not a secret what to make a real competition to capital performances and to interfere with dispute for awards for all history the Gold mask it was possible only schitanym to provincial theatres.

it is possible on - for a miscellaneous to analyze provincial representation on the main theatrical award of the country. One of interesting criteria of success - whose hands becomes the performance which has passed a selection sieve, capital or local. Today in Russia there are all some creative leaders, so to say, federal value which are implanted in a province. The majority are repeated nominees Masks they participate and in present festival: Michael Bychkov, is a lot of years supervising the child, the Voronezh chamber theatre (performance Elektra and Orest ), Nikolay Koljada ( Frontovichka Ekaterinburg the Christmas carol - theatre ) Evgenie Marchelli working in Tilsit, Omsk and Kaliningrad, and recently headed theatre of a name of Volkova in Yaroslavl (Yaroslavl Ekaterina Ivanovna directed by Marchelli individually represents a province to nominations the Big form ) . Though and in out-of-competition, instead of in the main program - however, this year very few people understands a difference between them, - but all - taki Oleg Rybkin who has for the last years deduced the Krasnoyarsk drama in number of significant theatres is presented. Probably, it is possible to name still pair - a three of names, but the list is all the same rather limited.

on the other hand, success to theatres also visitors from capitals often bring. To remember enough that both provincial performances, receiving over the last ten years the Gold mask in the main nominations, have been made guest performers : the Thunder-storm in Magnitogorsk dramatic theatre the Petersburger the Lion Erenburg, and " has put; Double inconstancy for Novosibirsk theatre the Globe Muscovite Dmitry Chernjakov has thought up. For successful the Globe the rate on the invited capital direction in general is long-term strategy - this time has worked The invitation of young director Oleg Jumova. Sergey Zhenovacha`s pupil has put in Novosibirsk Returning on Andrey Platonovu - with concentration, thoughtfully and frostily as if having inspired platonovskoj potudanju ZHenovacha, the recent winner the Gold mask .

Young directors from capitals have brought success and in theatres which in general never did not participate before in festival. For the sake of justice it is necessary to tell that Marat Gatsalov has put Exhibits Vyacheslav Durnenkova in Prokopevsk drama theatre in the status of the main director, but I do not think that departure of one of the most promising directors of generation 30 - summer to Kuzbas - life strategy. More likely, self-examination and hunting to adventures. Its keenness and curiosity are visible in performance: a modern comedy Exhibits it is developed at Marata Gatsalova in an original museum of a provincial life. Before the beginning spectators should put on felt slippers and pass to the places through a scene with exhibits - old TVs, ware, tape recorders, furniture. It is offered to heroes of the witty play of Durnenkova to become exhibits of the such Russian provincial Disneyland, but also prokopevskie actors on a scene of Moscow Center Mejerholda looked original exhibits from other reality: such genuine organic chemistry at the image of common people from Russian solitude also did not dream any Moscow troupe.

many unexpected and remembered particulars have met and in curious Othello Kansky dramatic theatre from a small city in Krasnoyarsk region (that city where takes place a well-known Kansky film festival). It acted too in the out-of-competition program - and on a question where there passes border between competitive and out-of-competition performances, let experts besides answer. Important, however, at all it, and that the graduate of the Petersburg theatrical academy director Roman Feodori - Ilyin in Kansk was disposable the director. It has tried was to settle in the Barnaul drama, but in the end of this season leaves and therefrom so if will come back in a province, only the visitor. In general, success of visitors of theatres on to the Mask it is deceptive: quantity of those who is ready to develop and grow up theatres in a province, having made it business of the life, does not grow.