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Pavel Sheremet: Benefit of the authorities is obvious

the Observer of the publishing house Pavel Sheremet has put forward on the air FM the versions happened, and also has told, how the situation in Belarus now will change.
- you trust in the version of act of terrorism in the Minsk underground?

- Yes, it is act of terrorism, it is similar to that. Certainly, it is possible to consider any technogenic still accident, because this metro station just last year there where transition, has been reconstructed. But it is similar to act of terrorism, on explosion.

- well and then who could be its organizer?

- I Reject vigorously the version of participation of opposition. The Belarus opposition completely crushed, is under control of special services. After similar act of terrorism in 2008 practically at all man`s population were fingerprints, therefore opposition here are taken has no possibility. Conditions in Belarus very strained. There are arrests already throughout several months. Courts, searches every day at active workers of opposition. There are some versions. The first version - the conflict in the Belarus special services. In the Belarus KGB friends of the elder son of the president supervise now. They are exposed recently to the most severe criticism for scandalous actions, for idiocy. In general, them very strongly criticise. On the other hand, there is a group of the former head of security council Victor Sheiman which accuse of abduction 10 years ago known Byelorussians. It has returned to Lukashenko. And here collision between old wolves and young could provoke here such act of terrorism, especially, in 2008 already said that special services could provoke it. And the following moment connected with a situation in Belarus, economic. Today it has been declared that Moscow does not hasten to allocate $3 mlrd for the aid to Belarus. This week the European heads should discuss economic sanctions against Lukashenko. In Belarus two weeks simply panic in the currency market. People are smothered, in literal sense, smothered in exchange offices. Here now after act of terrorism Russia will help necessarily to fraternal people. And Europe, certainly, will not enter now the sanction. Therefore it seems to me that benefit of the authorities is obvious. As it is sad and awfully it would not sound.

- Pavel, well and how you consider, the power will try to use this act of terrorism even more to toughen the struggle against opposition?

- I do not doubt At all, that now the authorities will even more toughen a police mode. I will remind that after 2008 from all men took fingerprints. Now them have started to take from women. I think that now this act of terrorism will be used literally to justify opposition destruction, as independent force.