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The jailer have released from term

the Nizhniy Novgorod regional court has cancelled a sentence to the former chief of department of economic safety of regional management of Federal Agency of execution of punishments (GUFSIN) to Sergey Garaninu and two it podelnikam to Michael Pavlinovu and Igor Mangushevu. In November of last year they have been condemned for extortion of 40 million rbl. at the Nizhniy Novgorod businessmen who were in a pre-trial detention centre. The cassation instance has considered that the sentence has been taken out with considerable infringements, as a result of business is returned the public prosecutor. However the Nizhniy Novgorod transport Office of Public Prosecutor will appeal against against this decision. The Sergey Garanin denying fault, on - former sits in a pre-trial detention centre, and those prisoners at whom he, under the version of the investigation, demanded a bribe, are released under house arrest.

as it became known , the cassation instance of the Nizhniy Novgorod regional court has cancelled a sentence on a sensational case about extortion at prisoners in a pre-trial detention centre of businessmen of 40 million rbl. In November, 2010 the former chief of department of economic safety GUFSIN of Russia has been condemned for it for nine years of imprisonment across the Nizhniy Novgorod region Sergey Garanin. Together with it intermediaries Michael Pavlinov and Igor Mangushev have been sentenced to conditional terms.

having considered cases materials, the judicial board of regional court has considered that business has been considered by the Soviet regional court with considerable infringements of the law. In particular, in a verdict of guilty it has not been specified, what collusion was entered by defendants as they intended to take hold of money or property and on what fulfilment of a crime they had an intention. at the description of actions condemned the court has not specified also motive, the purposes and crime consequences. Actions of Pavlinova and Mangusheva qualified by court as plunder of property of victims by a deceit, are not reflected absolutely not in a descriptive part of a sentence - it is told in cassation definition (is available on hand ). As a result the Soviet regional court has returned business to the public prosecutor for elimination of infringements Criminally - the remedial code. According to protection, the Nizhniy Novgorod transport Office of Public Prosecutor has appealed against against the decision of regional court on return of business and than these remedial lawsuits while it is not clear will come to an end. The Nizhniy Novgorod transport public prosecutor Andrey Yudin has refused comments, having informed only that criminal case anyhow will leave in court .

we Will remind, the chief of department Nizhniy Novgorod GUFSIN Sergey Garanina have accused that it by means of intermediaries in the end of 2008 extorted 40 million rbl. from the arrested businessmen Andrey Parygina and Andrey Popova and their native. Under the version of the investigation, employee FSIN promised to promote their clearing, and in default - to create severe conditions and to translate them in a colony where businessmen will beat. As a result, as has established a consequence, native businessmen and their firms have been compelled to transfer to malefactors a part of the property in the form of three cars of BMW H3 and two autocarts of Renault with trailers in the total cost over 7,7 million rbl. Sergey Garanin during litigation the fault denied, though many including the arrested businessmen, testified against it. He has refused appearance earlier written to it with guilty and on court asserted that has bought an off-road car of BMW X3 from the acquaintance Mangusheva, having occupied a part of money from the mother-in-law, and criminal case has been ostensibly fabricated owing to its conflicts to a management of management FSIN and the curator from FSB.

now Sergey Garanin while on - former sits in a pre-trial detention centre - that where businessmen Andrey Parygin and Andrey Popov contained. The last have been accused of 2 thousand contraband Foreign cars from the USA, have stayed in a pre-trial detention centre of as much as possible resolved one and a half year, and in their last year have translated under house arrest. Being are interrogated on Sergey Garanina`s business as victims, they have given against its detailed evidences about requirements of money for the clearing and threats to translate them from a pre-trial detention centre in a corrective colony 14.

As has told Andrey Parygina Alexander Parygina`s mother, in time otsidki in a pre-trial detention centre her son has grown thin for 26 kg. on one of interrogations the field investigator has struck it so that he has fainted. It constantly beat, without touching the person, intimidated and poisoned. As a result at it organic disease of a brain and a hypertension posttraumatic geneza has developed. Only in 11 months it have put in prison hospital where it has lain two months - has told Alexander Parygina. She repeatedly wrote complaints to area Office of Public Prosecutor, however checks have not revealed infringements of the maintenance of the prisoner. Businessmen on - former deny the fault. By words Aleksandry Paryginoj, her son is assured that business on contraband has been fabricated by the high-ranking agents of national security on purpose to grasp its business, in particular a large lot of cars which were on registration in Finland, and the former chief of department regional GUFSIN played it far not a leading role.