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the Group of companies Eko - System has presented to the governor of the Astrakhan region Alexander Zhilkinu the large investment project in cost over 10 billion roubles on creation in a zone of the Caspian pool of a network of the enterprises for sorting and processing of a various waste, has informed on Monday a press - service of administration of the region. The project will capture the Astrakhan and Volgograd areas, and also Dagestan and Kalmykia. In areas of the Astrakhan region will create some intermunicipal knots where primary sorting of a various waste will be made. After sorting vtorsyre will go on the main knot in Astrakhan where on an industrial platform it will turn to a paper, a rubber crumb, plastic granules, fuel briquettes, the double-glazed windows, the pressed breakage, fertilizers and etc. - it is told in the message. The same scheme of a turn vtorsyrja will operate and in the regions next to the Astrakhan region, but Astrakhan in it is assigned a part the centre. Project realisation is calculated on 2011 - 2020.