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The head of aviadispatching service of the USA was responsible for dreams of subordinates

From - for the next dispatcher who has taken a nap on a post, medical legkomotornyj the plane with the sick person onboard could not land 16 minutes. The head of the Ministry of transport of the USA has promised not to sleep, yet will not eradicate a bad habit at dispatchers.
the American aviadispatchers sleep on work. The day before the head of service has submitted to resignation air traffic control of aviadispatchers of the USA Henk Krakovski. Incident at airport Reno - Tahoe in the State of Nevada became the reason of it. Coming in the land medical legkomotornyj the plane within 16 minutes could not obtain the permit to a landing. As a result the crew has sat down by means of the personnel of nearby radar station. During negotiations with the earth pilots have let know that they do not have possibility to leave on spare airdrome.

during the investigation it was possible to establish that the dispatcher did not contact, as has fallen asleep on a workplace. In April it already the second such case - 11 numbers has fallen asleep the dispatcher at the airport of Seattle. In total for a year there were already 5 facts when dispatchers slept during watch. In interview to TV channel ABC the head of the Ministry of transport of the USA Rej Lahud has informed that the authorities will give particular attention to safety of flights.

I am revolted by these incidents, - the head of the ministry of transport of the USA has declared. It is absolutely unacceptable. Americans are assured of system of safety of flights. It is our priority 1. And I am ready to work 24 hours a day while all problems will not be solved. I will not sleep, I can not guarantee yet that dispatchers do all for safety of planes which fly up or come in the land - has promised Rej Lahud.

In the USA is about 30 airports where at night is on duty on one dispatcher. After incident in Nevada Rej Lahud has already disposed to increase night shifts to two persons.