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OSAO Ingosstrah

it is fined on 500 thousand rbl. for nepredstavlenie information minoritarijam. the Federal Agency of the financial markets (FSFR) has made yesterday the insurer answerable for refusal to present the labour contract with the general director on demand of three minority shareholders (structures Czech PPF Investments, own 38,46 % of actions Ingosstraha ) . PPFI has addressed to Ingosstrahu with the requirement to present documents, but the insurance company has refused their representation, having referred to the law About the personal data . On January, 18th the Supreme Arbitration Court has published the information letter concerning disputes on representation by information societies to the participants. In the letter it was specified that it is not required the consent of the physical persons who have entered in pravootnoshenija with a society, to representation to the participant of an economic society of the documents containing the personal data of such physical persons if this information is necessary for the participant for protection of the rights and legitimate interests . After that structures PPFI have again made an inquiry to Ingosstrahu and having received new refusal, have complained in FSFR. Now minoritarii documents from the insurer in court demand. Anna Zanina

the Supreme Arbitration Court (YOU)
recognised as possible bankruptcy of the citizen who has lost the status of the individual businessman. Yesterday the presidium considered YOU case in which bank VTB demanded to recognise as Oleg Fokina`s who has run into debt over 74 million of rbl. under the credit bankrupt. Mister Fokin took the credit in bank, being the individual businessman, but after a week after excitation bankrotnogo affairs were lost by this status. Courts have stopped business about bankruptcy, having considered that before entering into federal laws of respective alterations about possibility of bankruptcy of physical persons it is necessary to start with literal interpretation of the current legislation in which frameworks bankruptcy of the citizens who have been not registered as individual businessmen, is impossible . The board of judges YOU has submitted the case to presidium for revision, having specified that business about bankruptcy of citizen Fokina should be considered court by rules for bankruptcy of individual businessmen as it has lost this status already after giving in court of the statement for a recognition its bankrupt. The presidium YOU has agreed yesterday with it, having directed business on new consideration. Recently the Ministry of Economics has published the bill About the rehabilitation procedures applied concerning the citizen - the debtor which will regulate procedure of bankruptcy of physical persons (see from April, 11th). Anna Zanina

the Savings Bank
has lost two candidates in nabsovet - the minister of economic development of Elvira Nabiullina and the assistant to president Arcady Dvorkovicha. They took rejection, the president of the Savings Bank Herman Gref has informed following the results of session nabsoveta. It has explained that mister Dvorkovich and madam Nabiullina get to number of state officials which till October, 1st, according to the commission of the president, should leave boards of directors of the companies with state participation, but they have decided to make it earlier not to hold extraordinary meeting. At the previous session nabsoveta the Savings Bank the list from 18 candidates on 17 places in council has been confirmed - as 2 candidates took the rejection, one place remains vacant. now nabsovet the Savings Bank can place for consideration one more nominee. Couple of weeks on being defined with it, at us is - Herman Gref has told, having explained what to bring the missing candidate it is possible a month before meeting of shareholders (will take place on June, 3rd), that is not later than May, 3rd. Now among the confirmed candidates in nabsovet the Savings Bank: Sergey Ignatyev, Alexey Uljukaev, George Luntovsky, Sergey Shvetsov, Valery Tkachenko, Ivanov, Anna Popova, Alexey Savatjugin, Herman Gref, Sergey Gureev, Vladimir Mau`s Hope, Alessandro Profumo, Sergey Sinelnikov - Murylev, Bella Zlatkis, Kajrat Kelimbetov, Michael Dmitrys. Xenia Dementyev