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Michael Prokhorov has gone to court behind the deposit

the Businessman tries to return 39 million euro. This sum has been brought by it as pledge for country house La Leopolda which he wanted to get even before crisis. Today this business will consider appeal court Eks - an - Provence.
at Michael Prokhorov housing problems. The businessman tries to return pledge for the house which he has decided not to buy. Today in appeljatsionnom court of the city of Eks - an - Provence is considered case about Prokhorov`s refusal to pay for country house La Leopolda. The private residence has received the name by name the Belgian king, however, the monarch never there lived.

king of Belgium Leopold II has started to build a summer palace for the mistress Blansh in 1902. However, in the heat of building the aged monarch has died. Already new owner of a site Ogden Kodmen in 1931 has completed a country house. In 20 years the royal house has redeemed Dzhanni Anelli, concern FIAT founder. And in 1988 the Lebanese banker Edmond Safra became the owner. After death of the banker the country house was inherited by its widow Poured. In 2008 it has exposed the house and 20 hectares of gardens round it on sale.

Michael Prokhorov has had time to write out to the mistress of a country house of 39 million euro as the deposit. World financial crisis has then burst, the elite real estate has sharply gone down in price, and Prokhorov has demanded to lower cost of a country house to adequate 200 million euro. However Poured Safra has flatly refused to make concessions. Then the Russian has suggested to cancel the transaction at all. On what also was refused. In February of last year dispute was considered in court Nitstsy. The decision was not in favour of Prokhorov.

in appeljatsionnoj instances at not taken place buyer are every chance to seize the deposit, general director Penny Lane Realty George Dzagurov considers.

The court absolutely precisely, without dependence from that Prokhorov it, without dependence from a role and influence of people which sold to Prokhorov this real estate will make the decision under the law, - he has told. - if under the law of this country under a swagger - a major change of the prices in 10, either 20, or 30 % are the basis, means, it can be recognised a swagger - a major.

I think that it is the big, long contract where a swagger - the major is considered .

Itself Poured Safra declared that has already spent prohorovskie 39 million for charity. It has transferred this money to the medical research centres and on care heavy patients. The proprietress of country house La Leopolda demands, that Prokhorov who has broken the transaction, has brought into its account of 1,5 million euro more.