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the First auctions on property sale Open Company the Ticket the Market are recognised by not taken place. Competitive operating Pinchuk V. A holds the repeated open auctions (in the form of auction with the open form of giving of offers on the price) on sale: one-room apartment, a total area of 29,30 sq. m., Norilsk, the initial price 210591 rbl.; an auction step - 10 %. Application forms for participation in the auctions and offers on the price are accepted with 9. 00 first working days after date of the publication within 25 working days to 18. 00 last days to the address: 660022, Krasnoyarsk, P.Zheleznjaka`s street, 18 - 514, bodies. (391 259 - 16 - 20, e - a mail pin411@ya. ru. For participation in the auctions before giving of demands the deposit - 20 % of the initial price on r/ with 40702810198050000621 in Krasnoyarsk Open Society branch " is listed; AK the LEOPARD BANK. To registration of represented documents it is possible to familiarise with property, its characteristics and the description, the contract draught on the deposit, order of registration of participation in the auctions, the list and requirements to the specified address in the working days with 12. 00 to 16. 00. Leading of results of the auctions will take place to the demands acceptance address in 12. 00 working days, termination of their reception following day. With the participant who has offered the greatest price, the contract of the purchase and sale providing payment on specified requisites within 30 days from the date of signing consists.