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the Organizer of the auctions - the competitive managing director Open Society Komsomol gorpishchekombinat - Tregubov And. A (member NP the Far East self-adjustable company PAU, 680000, Khabarovsk, street Krasnorechensky, 92) holds the open auctions on realisation of property of Open Society Komsomol gorpishchekombinat (the address: 681003, Khabarovsk territory, Komsomolsk - on - the Cupid, street Factory, 3) in the form of auction on price increase.

a prize 1 . An uninhabited building of a metal warehouse, etazhnost 1, a total area of 99,00 sq. m, located to the address: 681027, Khabarovsk territory, Komsomolsk - on - the Cupid, Lenin`s street, 34. The prize price is established at a rate of 414 000,00 rbl. taking into account the VAT.

demands for participation in the auctions are accepted addressed to the competitive managing director in writing to the address: 681027, Khabarovsk territory, Komsomolsk - on - the Cupid, gos 27, and/ I 20, in working hours to the address: 681027, Khabarovsk territory, Komsomolsk - on - the Cupid, World street, 52. Documents are applied On the demand: for fiz. Persons - passport copies, an INN, the insurance pension certificate; for jur. Persons - notarially certified copies of the certificate on the state registration, constituent documents, an INN, extracts from EGRJUL. Before application with the applicant the deposit contract on which it brings on r/ from Open Society " consists; Komsomol gorpishchekombinat the sum of the deposit at a rate of 20 % from the prize price. The auction step makes 10 % from the prize price. Time of carrying out of auction - on 35 - j from the moment of publication of the given message

the Sum of the deposit and payment under the purchase and sale contract is brought day on requisites: the addressee of Open Society Komsomol gorpishchekombinat An INN 2703000424, a check point 270301001, r/ with 40702810070050100814 in Far East bank of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation Khabarovsk, BIK 040813608, to/ with 30101810600000000608.

the Winner is the participant who has offered the highest price. The report on results of the auctions subscribes the organizer in day of their carrying out. The contract of purchase and sale with the winner of the auctions consists for 5 day after summarising of the auctions. Payment of cost of property of the debtor should be made within 30 days from the date of signing of the contract of purchase and sale.