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The ministry of culture and Public chamber do not approve a victory “ Wars “ on “ Innovations “ awards

the culture Ministry from the very beginning opposed promotions of work of group “ War “ on the award “ the Innovation “ including its hooligan, provocative and unworthy neither with art, nor with moral the points of view, has declared yesterday a press - the attache of the ministry Natalia Uvarova.

Earlier this very day the Public chamber of the Russian Federation has published the statement devoted to award of the award of VI All-Russia competition in the field of modern visual art " on the site; the Innovation “ art - group “ War “ for work “ H j in a captivity at FSB “. “ Award of the award to the given work is, as a matter of fact, a slap in the face to common sense and those citizens who consider the image on the Foundry bridge in St.-Petersburg as banal hooliganism, - is told in the statement. - If also the Ministry of culture of Russia initially estimated the project art - groups “ War “ as hooliganism, instead of as a work of art it should declare it at a stage of nominating of work on competition “.

Meanwhile in the culture Ministry have declared that do not consider possible to interfere with jury work. “ anybody from representatives of the ministry was not included into award jury, and budgetary funds were not allocated for the award, - Natalia Uvarova has declared. - Thus it is necessary to notice that the culture Ministry is not acceptable body, and we would not like to repeat that experiment of relations of the power with art by which the period of board of Khruschev " has been noted;. “ We are assured that award cancellation would cause a much bigger loss to a formed civil society of Russia, than award of the award to group work “ War “ “ - madam Uvarova has told. “ Interfax “

winners of the second award of Sergey Kuryokhin
In St.-Petersburg Are named, in the Center of the modern art of a name of Sergey Kuryokhin the award of its name is handed over. The annual award is handed over the second time and welcomes the experimental modern art in all its forms - from gran - at for the synthetic project with participation of a live musical component before products of visual art, poetic performances, etno - and electromusic. In it (well and, of course, in financial filling of the award where gran - at 250 thousand rbl. equals) Its main difference from rozdannoj the day before in Moscow awards “ the Innovation “ which too is focused on actual art, but first of all on its visual forms.

invisible spirit “ Innovations “ and olaureachennoj it of group “ War “ soared over a ragged hall of the former cinema “ the Surf “ where the fund and the centre of a name of Kuryokhin live. Most loudly caused spirit the head of committee of culture of Petersburg Anton Gubankov who has declared that “ the true art is an art, and group “ War “ - piarovsky a sediment “. It was meant that in this hall welcome exclusively high art.

in general - that Kuryokhin on the - that to times was not only simply genius, but quite to itself the genius of public relations. He hardly would agree with opinion of the official. As would jar on its and semiblind worship cult artefacts 80 - h at which in 2011 - m it is possible to look with tenderness or nostalgia, but to submit their crude hardly pertinently. So, a flight helmet on a full pink-checked head of the leader or krasnosolnyshko in the spirit of early Timur Novikova, nervous outbursts of clown Leonid Lejkina or the linen sea substantiating precisely the river of time, reminded hungry, but cheerful years of a storm and an impact " a little; New composers “ “ New artists “ and the authors of a film captivated by them “ Assa “.

Stylistic flaws, however, have not affected a jury choice. In it all kinds of people (and from visual arts, both from theatre, and from music), but all names perfect - critics and curators Alexander Borovsky and Joseph Bakshtejn, art dealers Marat Gelman and Vasily Tsereteli, musical critics Alexander Kan and Artemy Troitsk, film critic Michael Trofimenkov, producer Andrey Tropillo and many other things. At a choice from nominees on gran - at they have obviously become puzzled and have awarded a prize “ the Priest - Mechanics “ at once to two collectives: Petersburg “ Teatro di Capua “ (for the punk - avant-garde statement “ the Medea “) and to the Nizhniy Novgorod association “ provmyza “ (for “ Three string quartets for one video “) . Further tritely is more accurate: in a nomination new to the award “ Art in public space “ a prize have received Boris Kazakov and Marina Alekseeva for the video project “ the Minibus “. The best product of visual art had been recognised Maxim Svishcheva`s video installation “ the Waiting room “ received in quality spetspriza from embassy of France an incentive trip to Paris. For poetic performance have awarded Petersburg artist Natalia Pershin - Jakimansky (Gljuklja), as the best curator project recognised visual art - the festival program “ ΓξγξλόFest “ roll Bochavar (Ukraine). Besides five basic nominations two honourable awards to musicians also have been awarded: “ etno - Mechanics “ and “ elektro - Mechanics “. The first award has got world music to a duet “ Gurzuf “ consisting from akkordeonista Egor Zabelova and drummer Artema Zalessky. The award for the electronic project had been awarded Ilya Baramii and Alexander Zajtseva`s duet “ Fur-tree toys “. Vera Krjukova