Rus News Journal

Column Misfortunes

On Wednesday in Uvarovsky area of the Tobolsk area there was oil pipeline Neftevartovsk break - the Barrow - Samara. Failure has happened at performance on this site of civil work. From the damaged pipe of the oil pipeline in diameter of 1200 mm on the earth oil has poured out and has spread on a hollow on the area of 400 sq. m. After that oil has lighted up. Though failure has happened in dangerous affinity from the river Irtysh, experts believe that oil will not get to the river. Predictably, for repair work it is required not less than 15 days.

At collision of three tourist buses in Argentina 60 persons were lost at least and 80 is wounded. In this failure which have occurred in northern province of Korientes, two have suffered Argentina and one Paraguayan bus. The driver of one of the buses, tried to make risky overtaking became a cause of the tragedy.

On Wednesday on 551 - the ton Japanese tanker Ejsi Maru explosion has thundered. It happens on parking at a mooring of oil refining factory Muroran on northern island Hokkaido. Explosion has occurred, when seven workers were engaged in loading ligroina - easily flammable mineral oil. As a result of explosion two workers were lost, seven more in extremely grave condition are delivered in hospital. Quickly it was possible to take over the control of a fire. The Japanese coast guard has informed that leak of oil is not present.

Yesterday in the centre of Vladivostok have burnt down grocery warehouses of one of the oldest epicures of a city. When fire-engines have appeared in time, fire already stole up to the apartment houses located literally closely to warehouse. In suppression of the warehouse captured by a flame it has been involved more than half of means and staff of fire garrison of a city. Arrived on a scene operatively - the investigation team has found out burglary traces in a building. By estimation, has burnt down the goods on 3 million rbl.

Substantial damages have incurred yesterday and the South African buyers. In Rendfontejne in territory of the trading complex located on suburb of a city, there was an explosion. It has destroyed two and has damaged 18 shops. Killed and wounded men are not present, but the caused damage is estimated in millions dollars. As the police any of the organisations informs has not incurred responsibility for incident, and at present motives of diversion are unknown.

one soldier was lost, one more military man with serious traumas and burns is hospitalised - such is result of the failure which have happened yesterday in one of military units kjahtinskogo garrison (republic Buryatiya). In a part there was an explosion of a steam copper independent kotelni, used for heat giving in military camp premises.

on Thursday night in Syktyvkar hospital with the diagnosis a poisoning three tenth-graders have been delivered. On Christmas ritual of a guessing they have taken the bitter strong tincture bought in commercial shop Kristalina which has caused a sharp poisoning.

the underground fire on mine of a name of Shevjakova in Mezhdurechensk, flashed on January, 13th, has blocked to mine-rescuers approaches to a place where by failure 23 miners one and a half months ago have been overtaken. The governmental commission has charged to experts to prepare offers on how it is possible to tame an underground fire within five days, without resorting to the compelled flooding of mine by water.

on Tuesday in 21. 30 the electric train car on a stage between stations situated near Moscow Dmitrovsky and Civil has lighted up. The fire was strong enough, and without victims has managed only because passengers during so later time in a suburban train was a little.