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on Khovansky a cemetery have passed ALEXANDER`S USANOVA funeral In Moscow, the deputy minister on atomic engineering of the Russian Federation.
Usanov was the active participant of liquidation of consequences of failure on the Chernobyl atomic power station, to it have appropriated a rank of the Hero of socialist work. Still yesterday he made constructive offers on joint safe operation of atomic power stations in territory of the CIS.
Alexander Usanov has died at the age of 62 years from warm insufficiency - the conclusion of doctors says. Under the informal information, as his death reason the leukaemia has served. On civil funeral there were heads of the Ministry of atomic engineering, and also representatives of command of the Central management military - building parts of Russia.

On the Kuntsevsky cemetery in Moscow CYRIL BOLSHAKOV, a member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the former rector of the Moscow institute of thin chemical technology of a name M.V.Lomonosova have been buried.
a Dr.Sci.Tech., professor Bolshakov was known in 60 - 70 - e years as the outstanding scientist in the field of chemistry and technology of rare, absent-minded and platinum metals. It received the state award for scientific workings out in this area, had more than fifty scientific works, many of which at the publication in the West caused the big resonance.
Bolshakov has silently died in the bed at the age of 86 years, being the professor - the adviser at native institute. A cause of death - sharp warm insufficiency.

in Moscow on the Mitinsky cemetery VYACHESLAV postnikov, the former head of department of publishing house military and military - the technical literature in foreign languages, the general - the lieutenant in resignation is buried.
Postnikov has died at the age of 74 years of nephritic insufficiency. All general honours have been done to it: farewell salute from 30 carbines has been given, fighting banners are lowered a little.

in It is new - Arkhangelsk crematoriums of Moscow had been cremated a body of LEVONA ARZANOVA, the honourable builder of Baikonur, the colonel in resignation.
Arzanov has died in the apartment at the age of 71 years from legochno - warm insufficiency.

On Tuesday at the age of 82 years the great Danish artist - expressionist RICHARD MORTENSEN has died.
He has died in the house in Roksilde, the western district of Copenhagen, after long illness.
Mortensen, the first at the beginning of the XX-th century started to write in a manner of an abstract expressionism, was in the beginning under the influence of Russian painters of Great October. During the Second World War lived in France and derived inspiration from landscapes of Normandy and Corsica. Greatest of modern Danish painters, for last 60 years he has created more than 400 cloths oil and thousand pencil drawings.

the former British resident, the veteran of Second World War FRIDRIH DANIELSKY (Frederick Danielski) has died one of these days in hospital Lisbona (Lisbon).
Known under a name Mr. Casablanca which it has received from - for similarities of its destiny to destiny of Hemfri Bogarta (Humphry Bogart) - the hero of a classical film of 1943 Casablanca - 82 - summer Danielsky has died on Tuesday in the late evening in Item hospital - Mary (St Mary), Vest - the Palm - the Scourge (West Palm Beach) (Florida). On a cause of death it is not informed.
being 18 - the summer student and living in Austria, Danielsky was engaged it is export - import operations. In 1932 has moved in Lisbon where has opened restaurant Freddiz Vennes . In 1937 he married Merdzhori Herd, the employee of the London newspaper Daily Mirror .
Within several years before the Second World War it contained two night clubs where Germans gathered in Lisbone. Knowing seven languages Danielsky has been enlisted by the employee the British of investigation for supervision over the Germans who are passing through Lisbon or spending time at restaurant Freddi .