Rus News Journal

The astrological forecast

THURSDAY, on January, 14th


Today is better to be engaged in firm internal affairs, or to spend for a long time already the planned and comprehensively checked up operations, however try to do without signing of important papers - with it while it is necessary to wait a little. To conclude new transactions, especially at a stock exchange, today does not consult: most likely, results will force to wait for themselves too long or they will appear completely not such on what you counted. AQUARIUS can incur the greatest losses.
in general - that put today from what it is accepted to name disputed, but nevertheless business meetings, negotiations and meetings will pass successfully - it is possible to discuss prospects of cooperation with foreign firms, for example. Especially the businessmen born under the badge of SCALES will succeed in it.
Besides, you can safely, up to familiarity, address in any state, official structures, but only on very formal affairs, like the coordination of questions or signing of papers; and the ministries and departments so willingly undertake favourite paper affairs that on consideration of new offers and projects they resolutely will not have time. So fresh, original ideas, prospects of application of inventions and new technologies while is advised to analyze at level of your firm - but the best time for this purpose, than today, simply you will not find.
day is favorable for the business connected with electronic technics, and also for sale of spirits and communication facilities, including transport, in particular - sea. More in detail and more frankly already, apparently, there is no place, unless only to recommend you to do business exclusively on submarines (if at you those are, certainly).
By the way, activization of figures of shadow economy today is expected, therefore we advise to you to show vigilance and quickness and not to admit, that magnificent ferry chosen by you or the tanker has departured in dirty hands of the Mafiosi.
and besides, the successes of trade noted by us above alcohol usually do not remain without consequences - traumas on manufacture and failure on roads today are possible.