Rus News Journal


And can, all and should be? And this January more similar for March, and this absolutely untimely thaw, and the pools, which else were yesterday quite high-grade snowdrifts. Perhaps all it is sent us as test once again to check up our firmness and endurance? Or as punishment. After all us is for what to punish, isn`t that so? Well, if it is fair, how on spirit, - who from us is innocent? Here - here therefore it is tolerant. Tell thanks that only pools, instead of flooding.
in general, we hope, you have understood the main thought of this preamble: it is necessary to endure, worry, who wants, can oversleep. To overeat, truth, it is not necessary, it is simple zaest something tasty better. Actually variants how to distract itself from evil thoughts concerning bad weather, set. It deeply individually. It is remembered, when similar trouble has happened last time, we urgently recommended intensive walks in the open air after which tea with cherry jam is especially well drunk. And that, very much helps. Especially at a fireplace. If there is no fireplace, it is possible at the TV that basically if to look at these things the discharged sight, same.
concerning eternal a sore point what to put on: here we a pass. And even despite your persevering requests, we will not give you any recommendations in this respect as we stay about it in easy prostration. Judge. That seems to us plus, actually can quite appear a minus. Only yesterday we own eyes saw on an electronic board temperature - 2, though on all to ours (!) To forecasts left degrees on 5 more. Simply you do not know, to whom to trust. And in general, if fairly, despite all pluses, all time it would be desirable to put on more warmly. From this also proceed.
well and now it is direct that expects us tomorrow. We could tell, of course, that anything good, but what for so to dramatize a situation. In Moscow tomorrow all - navsego a rain with a sleet at two degrees of heat (see a preamble).
In St.-Petersburg where all time for some degrees was warmer, than in Moscow, tomorrow will be for a change colder: from 0 to - 5.
the Scandinavian countries we mention literally by the way as there there is something an average between Petersburg and Moscow. But a rain with a sleet it will be obligatory. But practically in all other Europe warmly. In London, Paris, Belgrad and Madrid +8... +13, in Athenes in general +19. A heat.