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General Motors on a motor show in the Arena

Korvety choose an avenue

In Moscow the motor show " proceeds; LogoVAZ - the Arena . We to you have already told About expositions of the European automobile firms. Today our correspondent DMITRY of SOCKS will share impressions about seen on the stand of the American firm of General Motors which is presented on a motor show by the dealer to Russia and the partner LogoVAZ - firm Park of the Avenue of Ltd. .

it is necessary to notice that at the stand of General Motors visitors, experts do not deprive any exhibit of attention. Each car collects round itself a large quantity of visitors. For me it is a little strange - as Chevrolet Caprice can be more interesting than Chevrolet Corvette?
That so involves visitors at this stand? First of all it sedans Cadillac Seville Touring Sedan ($57 thousand) and aforementioned Chevrolet Caprice (from $26,5 thousand to $29,3 thousand) . Certainly, the mark which has become already by a common noun speaks about the first car. Cadillac STS has the engine in volume of 4,6 l and capacity of 295 l. With. The second car - is more modest that appears and from the price. For this reason it is already enough known in Moscow, and many firms prefer to have for Chevrolet Caprice representation purposes, instead of identical at the price of Volvo.
those who often goes out of town (especially on summer residences) or there lives, attentively examined the car of the raised passableness (by the way, the most popular in America) Chevrolet S - 10 Blazer. This car has very interesting and a little sports design keeping thus characteristic details of the American cars (chromeplated a lattice of a radiator and a body detail). It is equipped with the engine in volume of 4,3 l which develops 165 l. With. (And with application of electronic injection its capacity increases to 200 l. With.) . Cost of this car - $35,5 thousand (the four-door version) or $36,8 thousand (the two-door version).
For fans of trips the big company, but not on impassability, and on a city, intends Chevrolet Lumina APV minibus. This car also is known enough in our country. However, would be more exact to tell that the car, and a body as it is the general for models Oldsmobile Siluet, Pontiac Trans Sport and already mentioned by Chevrolet Lumina APV is known not. A difference in these cars - in furnish and a complete set. A variant presented at an exhibition, the cheapest. Its cost - about $29 thousand
the Experts having propensity to expensive cars, allocate Chevrolet Corvette. It is possible to name it the American answer to Europe which is famous for the sports cars. Powerful (300 l. With.) V - figurative 8 - the cylinder engine allows the car to be dispersed till the speed of 100 km/ ch all for 5 seconds. The maximum speed - 250 km/ ch. Certainly, on the car of such level the weight of any convenient things is offered: a six-step manual transmission, protivobuksovochnaja and antiblocking systems. Its price corresponds to car level - $67 thousand
Except this motor show, it is possible to look at cars of General Motors in show room, which firm Park of the Avenue of Ltd. opens today in Moscow to the address: Volgograd pr - t, 18.

Phone of the stand of General Motors: (095 203 - 79 - 50.