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Has begun work the Russian film market in Sochi

In the first day by tradition of transactions was not

Yesterday has begun work the Sochi film market (see from January, 12th). Our correspondent VALERY STOLNIKOV tells About results of the first day of its work.

the offer of the president of a movie company " became the Main event of the first day of work of the Sochi film market; a Kinotavr “ Mark Rudinshtejna to create Association of cinemas which could conduct koordinirovannuju the rolling policy. Its constituent conference is planned for spending on January, 16th within the limits of the film market. And though to idea of carrying out of this conference many of participants of the film market (among them about 20 directors of cinemas), it can begin association creation. About necessity of it tell in the market all. By words g - on Rudinshtejna, English firm “ Pyramid Marketing Assoρiated “ (One of sponsors of the film market) intend to allocate on creation of such rolling structure $10 million
By tradition already established in the domestic film markets, transactions in the first day did not consist. The demonstration program has undergone to considerable changes as many sellers with the declared films have not arrived yet.
from the shown films prokatchiki have allocated films “ the Catafalque “ (the Movie company “ a Kinotavr “ Moscow) and “ Pustelga “ (“ Studio R. “ Alma - Ata). However, they have declared, both these will not do a film of rolling gathering.
foreign tapes in this market it is presented less than usually. Most interesting of them recognise firm films “ the Bridge - Media “ which has brought on the market at once 25 French pictures (among them “ the Night porter “ and “ the Day beauty “) . The most extensive program of domestic cinema (15 films) is represented by the organizer of the market - a movie company “ a Kinotavr “ (“ the Suicide “ “ System ` the Nipple ` “ “ Cynics “ “ Short breath of love “ etc.) .
According to the director of the film market of Lyudmila Balashovoj, the success expects a film “ Short breath of love “. “ very beautiful melodrama “ - she has told. Representatives of the firms specialising on a cable television, have shown interest to the brought Moscow firm “ MABI “ to the video program “ the Best in show - MABI “ which heroes are dogs.
all participants of the film market are insured by the Obninsk insurance company “ the HARD “. The Same company, at will of participants, insures prisoners in the transaction film market on a case of unconscientiousness of the partner and a swagger - major circumstances. In the evening in business - club day negotiations proceed in more informal conditions. Tomorrow will continue the story about the Sochi film market.

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