Rus News Journal

The chronicle of road problems

Any forces, seemingly, it is impossible to force to submit this weather at least

to the most general natural laws. For example: it should be cold in the winter and
there should be a snow, at least occasionally. This winter warmly and except a rain of nothing
goes. In hydrometeorological centre of Russia this synoptic disorder try
to explain moving of various air weights and atmospheric fronts.
much explains this, but it becomes easier from this knowledge to motorists not.
and becomes, on the contrary, all to move more difficultly and more difficultly (instead of to go, as
consider some) on the Moscow roads. The most dangerous hours for
motorists (and, by the way, for pedestrians) - night and morning when
passing a part it is covered thin, but very artful ice. At this time also
visibility, as a rule, is strongly limited: In the morning - from - for small a smoke, and
at night - from - for considerable defects according to capital streets. Well and,
certainly, will not allow to forget about itself rush hour (with 18. 00 to 21. 00) when on roads
Moscow something is created absolutely unimaginable.
if you after all told weather for today,
all right still interests. In Moscow will pass deposits in the form of a rain (or very much a sleet).
Temperature in the afternoon - from - 1 to +4, at night - from 5 degrees below a zero. Cloudy,
visibility on roads from 2 to 4 km. And, certainly, ice. From it while
not to get to anywhere.
with the most sad image the trip to the Volgograd prospectus
around crossing with Lublin street (about metro station
" can come to the end; Textile workers ) . In - the first, passing a part there stays in terrifying
a condition: poles and flutes alternate with holes and ditches. In - the second -
numerous and very engaged in by the affairs (change from suburban trains
and buses in the underground) pedestrians pose real threat normal
to movement.
in St.-Petersburg with weather also problems. She persistently does not wish to follow
to predictions of weather forecasters, continues to surprise us completely not winter
with temperature with plentiful deposits in the form of a sleet which thick layer
reliably covers from a sight of the driver numerous defects road
coverings. That is a sight it is impossible to get into a hole, but it is possible to get
a wheel. Temperature in a city in the afternoon - from 0 to +5 degrees, in the night from Thursday
on Friday - +1 - - 4 degrees.
we Here wanted to please Petersburg motorists with a message that,
at last - that, after heavy, long repair work around Big
the prospectus of Vasilevsky island almost on all its extent is authorised
motor transport movement. Moreover and in both directions. But not here - that was:
definitively asphalt is not put yet. So to rejoice while rather early, and we
advise to you to be here especially attentive and not to develop high
speeds. At you it all the same will not turn out, and it is possible to get to failure.
It is removed a brick in the Big Sea street (were Herzen) on a site between
streets Podbelsky and Scrivener. Go on health.
and here on Charles Marx`s prospectus, opposite to association Svetlana repairmen
again conjure with crossing of tram ways so to move in left
to a number is unsafe: try to be reconstructed in advance more to the right.