Rus News Journal

What have solved?

VS Russia at separate sessions of chambers was accepted in the first reading by the bill About modification and additions in the Civil remedial code of RSFSR assuming expansion of the rights of persons by which it is refused entrance or departure. The appeal will be is subject by wrongful actions not only officials, but also state bodies and public organisations. Any citizen of Russia can address with the complaint to wrongful actions either in court, or in higher bodies. In the first case of the complaint should be considered in 10 - dnevnyj, in the second - in a month (p. 11 see).

VS Russia at separate session of chambers was passed by the Law About modification of the Law of RSFSR ` About the state tax service of RSFSR ` . The law assumes change of system of administrative penalties for tax laws infringements. Instead of the fixed penalties in roubles penalties in the minimum salaries (p. 2 see) are entered.

Republic VS Rossii Council yesterday again has not chosen the new chairman of chamber. Any of six nominees put on voting has not collected demanded quantity of votes. Most voices the chairman of a subcommittee of Commission SR VS on the budget, plans, taxes and the prices Veniamin Sokolov (fraction " has typed; Russia ) - 41,6 %. The Final decision, possibly, will be accepted next week when voting by Victor Zhigulina`s who was not participating in the first round nominee (see p. 11) will take place.

Management of securities of the Central Bank of Russia has extended the board order, concerning registration by commercial banks of prospectuses of issue of securities. Now banks are obliged to give in registering body of the Central Bank of a copy of prospectuses of issue, the statement on release of securities and other documentation on magnetic data carriers (p. 9 see).

Last night the Central Bank of Russia has withdrawn licences of the several Russian banks, wished to become branches Rosselhozbanka. The liquidated banks had ustavnyj fund less than 100 million rbl. and, under the Central Bank order, should consider the problem on its increase. The list of the liquidated banks will be published in tomorrow`s number.

In the Moscow Council voting of the protest of the public prosecutor of Moscow Gennady Ponomareva in which he has suggested to cancel the decision on appointment of elections of the mayor has taken place. As a result deputies have confirmed the decision on elections and asked the public prosecutor of Russia to withdraw the protest of the public prosecutor of Moscow (p. 11 see).

the Decree of the president of Russia About currency financing of reconstruction of the Kola atomic power station has arrived yesterday in official mailing. The decree provides reconstruction of the atomic power station at the expense of the currency means received from export by Murmansk area in 1992 - 1993 10 thousand tons of nickel (p. 4 see).

the Management of National bank of Belarus has changed an order of definition of quotations of hard currencies in republic. From now on the order of National bank of Belarus comes into force (p. 4) see.