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Ex - the Russian project on the atomic power station

the French firm has confirmed participation in the project of the underground atomic power station in

on January, 13th from St.-Petersburg the delegation of representatives French
firms SGN led by the vice-president, commercial director Anri de la
Basseterom (Anri de la Bassetiert) has left. Experts SGN study in the present
time possibility of cooperation with the Russian organisations in realisation
the construction project in St.-Petersburg an underground atomic power station (see
from December, 18th and on January, 12th). During visit to the French party has confirmed
intention to participate in this project. Besides, between firm and
Sankt - the Petersburg administration is reached the arrangement on cooperation
in projects on a burial place of a nuclear waste and elimination of stains radioactive
pollution in a city.

As informed earlier, a consortium Russian industrial, design
and scientifically - the research organisations, before working basically for needs
military - marine sea fleet, has offered administrations Sankt - Petreburga and areas
the project of power supply of a city on the basis of 12 underground nuclear stations
capacity on 600 mvt everyone. The scientific project management carries out
Central scientifically - research institute of Krylov (St.-Petersburg).
Originality of a plan consists that at these stations
serial ship reactors will be used. neordinarna and a technical aspect
kontseptsiii. It is obvious that project realisation would allow to support
technical and industrial potential of group of conversion factories. In that
time this project which does not have analogue in world practice, demands
the careful analysis with sotsio - the ecological point of view.
Representatives SGN have visited on Baltiysk factory where have examined four
reaktornyh the installations, intended for installation on the underground atomic power stations. Them
have acquainted also with technology of building shtolen Lenmetstroja - it
is supposed to be applied to building of underground mines. At a meeting with
vitse - the mayor kontr - admiral Vyacheslav ShCherbakovym the commercial director of firm
g - n de la Basseter has confirmed that SGN in is ready to take part in the project.
concrete forms of this participation will be co-ordinated later.
Besides, Frenchmen have offered the services in neutralisation radioactive
a waste Military - marine sea fleet, and also stains of radioactive pollution on
to the city territory. Last offer has caused bolshy interest. It is decided that
the Committee of the mayoralty on preservation of the environment will be partner SGN at liquidation of radioactive points which in Petersburg
it is registered more than 200.
Together with Institute of Krylov it is planned to develop the burial place project
a radioactive waste which as experts believe, will be based on
technologies osteklovyvanija a waste, applied in France.