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The investigation of the case of the president of a stock exchange

Ivan Grigoriev will be resulted on meeting in handcuffs

Yesterday by Nizhne - Volga commodity - the raw stock exchange was left by some employees, in
that number chiefs of departments and a number of the broker offices sympathising
the arrested president of a stock exchange to Ivan Grigoriev which has been concluded under
to the guard under article 93 tonics UK Russia - plunder in especially large sizes (see
from December, 9th). The Department of Internal Affairs of the Volgograd region continues
an investigation of the case of president Nizhne - Volga commodity - Ivan`s raw stock exchange

Vasily Samokhin Operating a stock exchange incited against Grigoriev, has explained
to the correspondent that this certificate of support of the president of a stock exchange has helped to clear
collective and to keep its skeleton. And Ivan Grigoriev as the inspector of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Volgograd region Gennady Gorev has informed senior
, on - former is in
imprisonment before trail in a local pre-trial detention centre. An occasion for
charges, according to the inspector, is illegal sale two-room
apartments. Business concerns not credited, according to Goreva, 272 thousand rbl.,
received from the transaction between two legal bodies (firm Grigoriev and To
and one of city small enterprises) at sale of apartment to the private person.
the chairman of the regional union of businessmen Yury Potapov has declared
to the correspondent that the stock exchange board intends to spend on January, 21st annual
meeting of shareholders. On it additions and changes in the charter
stock exchanges will be made and the question " is considered; about a damage put to shareholders of a stock exchange g - nom
Grigoriev To which try to change a preventive punishment and to release it under
pledge. According to Yury Potapov, it is necessary to try though in handcuffs to result
on Grigoriev`s meeting .
As Gennady Gorev has informed the correspondent, the consequence will come to the end not earlier than,
than in a month. In this connection the petition to the regional public prosecutor prepares. About
a progress of the case will inform on February, 16th.