Rus News Journal

Business of the chemists who have divulged state secret

of the Accused scientist can release

Yesterday Mirzajanov and its lawyer Alexander Asnis Twisted were on the next interrogation in
investigatory management of the Ministry of safety of Russia. The scientist, following
to the statement, has refused to answer questions of inspector Victor Shkarina
(see from January, 13th). At the same time him continue to accuse under article
75 Criminal codes of Russia ( Disclosure of the state secret ) .

Mirzajanov has told to the correspondent that on interrogation Shkarin tried to find out
everything, kasaemoe papers and the documents withdrawn at a search in apartment of the accused.
(Mirzajanov as informed on January, 13th, has refused to keep up the conversation with
the inspector about it). After that Shkarin has made the report which
has signed only Asnis. Then the scientist and its lawyer have submitted to
the request to give to a commission of experts some coded data about
failures and fires in State Russian scientifically - research
institute of organic chemistry and technology. (For example, in February, 1990 on
an institute warehouse there was a fire, at which there was an emission about 500 grammes
poison gas VX, which one gramme suffices to destroy
more than 100 persons). Mirzajanov also has declared to a consequence that do not intend
to be present on a commission of experts.
after interrogation Mirzajanov Twisted has given interview to the French TV reporters at walls
Lefortovsky prison. Conversation has been devoted signing on January, 13th Geneva
to the convention About the termination of workings out, manufactures, tests, placings,
applications, use and sale of poison gases (details see on
p. 2). On a question of Frenchmen, whether to sign to their country this contract,
Mirzajanov has answered that this private affair of France, but in its opinion before
to ratify the given agreement, it is necessary to check up the data published by it
in the press. In this case it concerns workings out and tests by Russia
the binary and new chemical weapon. According to the scientist, Russia has
no right to sign the contract.
Lawyer Mirzajanova Alexander Asnis has declared to the correspondent that, if
the Geneva agreement will be ratified, on the basis of article 6
Criminally - the remedial code of Russia ( in connection with changed
circumstances... ), charge should be removed from its client and it
will be released.
in two weeks the consequence should consider petitions of Mirzajanova and if
the Geneva convention is ratified the lawyer will petition about
removal from the client of charge. Will inform on results of petitions
Mirzajanova on January, 27th.