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Exhibition results Vacation

Closing was accompanied by fireworks and a pie

Last night in the Central House of the artist has passed exhibition closing
Vacation the dated gallery the Rose of Azora to eves New and Old
New Year (see from January, 9th and 12). Closing was accompanied colourful
by fireworks and eating up of a pie of the impressive sizes. According to experts,
an exhibition Vacation it has appeared most successful of all spent in the beginning
1993 of actions. However, according to organizers of an exhibition, much was not possible
from - for disagreements with administration of the House of the artist .

Gallery the Rose of Azora it is organised in 1990 Specialises on carrying out
noncommercial expositions of ancient furniture, toys, clothes from private
collections, displays of vanguard fashions and pictures of the Russian artists. Sponsors
Vacation : State muzejno - the exhibition centre Rosizo firm Ameto
and businessman Grigory Speransky.

the Exhibition Vacation despite not impressive sizes of a hall,
the artist given by the House for its carrying out, from the very first days works
has collected crowds wishing to take part in a holiday ancient toy
snuffboxes, dolls, knight`s castles, freakish fans, prababushkinyh
dressers. Each of presented at an exhibition participated in
original representation. For example, behind an old desk children in
dresses and camisoles of the beginning of the century played dolls, in improvised a den
there was a theatrical representation.
on the eve of Old New Year noisy fireworks during which time
to visitors have presented a huge pie " have been arranged; Dreams baked by the artist
Alexander Konovym. Summing up an exhibition, its organizers of the artist Marina
Loshak and Elena Jazykova admitted that did not expect such notice during time
all exhibition . As they said, the action has stood thanks to disinterested participation
the Russian artists, the State museum of a toy in Zagorsk and a number
private persons the administration of the House of the artist has appeared not at height: having broken
the price for rent, have not prepared neither microphones, nor podiums and even never
have swept in a hall.