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The tender for rendering of services of cellular communication

Defensive frequency starts to work on commerce

Today announcement of results of the tender for the right of rendering of services in area
cellular communication on twelve Russian regions is expected. This tender - on
use of frequency 900 Mใ๖ - has been declared by the Ministry of Communications of Russia in
July of last year. Earlier given frequency in our country was used only
military - an industrial complex and in commercial communication systems not
was applied.

Cellular communication - the phenomenon for our country not new. In Moscow, for example, already
there is a mobile cellular communication network Russian - American
joint venture “ the Moscow cellular communication “ maintaining the standard
NMT 450.
In this case the Ministry of Communications chooses digital standard GSM. He will allow
to provide a high communication quality, to increase quantity of services, and also
to contact to foreign telecommunication systems. Creation on
to a commercial basis of a federal cellular network of the general using will give
possibility to the Ministry of Communications to involve additional investments and in
the near future to render telecommunication services on the highest
within two months the commission of experts considered in Central
scientifically - research institute of communication of the demand of applicants. By words
the deputy minister of communication of Russia Alexander Kudryavtsev, at a choice
winners volumes, terms of works and possibility
the companies first of all are considered. It is necessary to notice that practically in all offers the beginning
functioning of cellular networks is planned for 1993. The prospective tariff on
user`s service fluctuates from $1500 to $4000 a year.
And here tonight at summarising solemn ceremony on everyone
from twelve considered regions the winner which
will obtain corresponding licences of the Ministry of Communications of Russia will be named. The information on them
read in tomorrow`s number. For now we represent applicants.
on the Moscow region their considerable quantity: the American firm US
West Int., German Deutsche Bundespost Telekom, joint ventures MSS and
“ M - Bell “. It is industrial - business concern “ Krakor “ applies only on
Moscow Region. Across St.-Petersburg for the licence two struggle “ a whale “:
American US West Int. And joint venture “ Delta a Telecom “. Finnish
firm “ าelecom Finland “ applies only for Leningrad region.
the Samara region takes the second place on number of applicants: US West Int.
the American firm Millicom Int., association VART and Srednevolzhsky
interbranch association of radio telecommunication systems SMARTS. On
seaside and Khabarovsk edges apply US West Int., Japanese firm NTT and
VART. On Republic Bashkortostan - besides US West Int. And VART, and also
the International commercial company “ Bashtelekom “. On Perm, Kamchatka,
the Amur region and Krasnoyarsk region two firms apply: US West Int. And
VART. In the Nizhniy Novgorod market of communication as it is strange, two have faced
the American firms - US West Int. And Millicom Int. In the Novosibirsk region
out of competition there is firm US West Int.
Apparently from the resulted data, in the communication market - along with Russian
the organisations - enough vigorous activity is conducted also by the western firms.
the American company US West International, for example, participates in competitions
on all regions, and, according to experts, it has real chances on
a victory in the majority of them.

Communication company US West International in the list of the largest
corporations of the USA occupies 38 place - its annual turnover makes about $10
billion the Central office is in Colorado. The company serves requirements
25 million clients in the west of the USA. In the Eastern Europe the company has created a number
joint ventures in Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Russia.

In interview to the correspondent the director for operation of the enterprises in the CIS firms
US West Int. g - n Volume Cook (Tom Sook) has declared that the company “ Very much
it is interested in long-term contracts on territories of Russia and the CIS, and it is ready
to put up money in development of an infrastructure of communication and creation new working
places “.