Rus News Journal

The chronicle of road problems

it is possible to make Of a report of Rosgidromettsentra only one accurate and not palatable

a conclusion: weather for motorists in Moscow will be today very bad. And
weather forecasters inform the following. Directed not so for a long time from the south and jugo - the West
streams of warm and damp air from southern areas of Europe have covered - taki all
Moscow Region, and together with it and capital. All around will shroud a fog, and on
to this reason visibility on roads of Moscow does not exceed 500 m. In night and
morning hours the temperature will fall below a zero that will lead to formation
glaze ices. In the afternoon the road covering will be slippery of - for deposits.
temperature Friday afternoon - from 0 to +4 degrees of heat, and at night - from - 2 to
+3 degrees. Today it will be valid very badly everything, and in particular
to motorists, therefore in capital streets it is better to know about tricky places
in advance.
One of them is on crossing of street of Vrubel and Small Sandy
a lane. There all same repairmen have decided to dig a hole on the brink of road, and
the taken out ground thus why - that has removed directly on proezzhuju a part.
any signs warning about danger, and furthermore protections in it
a place, certainly, no. As a result at turn from a lane on street
Vrubel about what not suspecting driver easily can be buried together with
by the car in the big heap of the earth.
in St.-Petersburg weather is slightly better today. Deposits practically not
will be be, small variable overcast. However, a city on - former all in
a dirt: Are guilty in it warming (in the afternoon temperature from - 1 to +3 degrees) and
inability of corresponding services to introduce in a city an order. To wash cars
these days it is almost useless: some minutes of intensive driving, and the car
again become unrecognizable.
unrecognizable your car can become and on another, much more powerful
to the reason. This reason is located on quay Makarova that on Vasilevsky
island, and is called quay repair . Works have begun more month
back and pass directly on proezzhej parts. On an original plan
repairmen the detour of a repaired site is provided... On counter
to a strip. For drivers of the cars which are meeting half-way, your occurrence on them
to a strip looks unpleasant unexpectedness. To hang up a sign warning
about such interesting turn of events, employees of GAI why - that have not found time.
Be very attentive, passing on an extreme right number on Kirovsk
the prospectus, prospectuses Gaza, the National home guard and on the Average prospectus.
petrol filling stations Being there collect round themselves big crowds
cars: the prices for gasoline any more do not confuse anybody. Speeds in the specified streets
big, and a road covering (as well as everywhere) the wet. In such situation
the cars patiently waiting for the turn at the gas station, can become serious
a hindrance for other cars. Is better to you it would be beforehand
to be reconstructed in other number.
visibility on highways in St.-Petersburg in the afternoon - 3 - 5 km, at night - from 2 to
4 km. The temperature on the night of Saturday will go down to +1... - 4 so at this time
days ice is quite possible.