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Diamond fireworks firms Kognito

Bankers prefer jewels

Known Moscow auction firm Kognito has spent on Tuesday evening
the ninth auction of jewels Diamond fireworks . In opinion
experts, its results are of interest from the point of view of change
investment priorities of domestic commercial structures.

a Series of auctions Diamond fireworks passed in 1992, was
the attempt of open classification of the prices first in Russia on jeweller brilliants,
rubies, sapphires and emeralds (weight - 1 carat, 57 sides) depending on
qualities of a stone. Under the statement of the general director of firm Kognito Yury
Vishnevsky, at a continuous rise in prices for the jewels, noted in
a current of all nine auctions, by this time has already developed constant
a circle of participants of the auction auctions from among large commercial structures,
mainly banks.
from the point of view of observers, heightened interest of large investors to
to an investment of means in jewels is not casual. Though long-term investments
such are rather popular all over the world, in domestic
conditions they are of special interest. In stock market of the former USSR
there was a paradoxical situation - investment of means in securities
is the least favourable kind of long-term investments (even less favourable,
than placing of means on depositary accounts of banks). As a result interests
investors are turned to such actives, as the earth, real estate, currency
means (though prospective changes of currency regulation these
do also investments risky), rare-earth metals and, not in the last instance,
jewels. In the light of similar change of investment priorities
domestic investors a rise in prices and constant increase in sales volumes
jewels on Diamond fireworks look quite

firm Phone Kognito : (095 134 - 65 - 48.