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! the Premiere Not dull garden in the cinema House

Director Victor Ginzburg has appeared the most scandalous

Tomorrow in the cinema House the premiere of the film " will take place; Not dull garden young
the American director Victor Ginzburg presented by it as
ekspressionisticheskaja a documentary picture about sexual revolution in the USSR
and its leaders from the Moscow underground . However the day before, on special
display for capital film critics, Ginzburg`s child has been named usual
a pornography and the director is convicted of one-sided treatment of essence and
missions of the Russian woman which generalised character, is presented in
a film naked striptizerkami, photomodels and prostitutes.

Victor Ginzburg was born in Moscow in 1959. In 15 years has emigrated with
parents to the USA. In 1978 - 79 has ended New school of social researches,
participated in the cinema program of Nju - Jorksky school visual
arts. Has put 40 videoclips for various executors, among which
- Pet Benatar (Pat Benatar), Belinda Carlisle (Belinda Carlisle), Dzhodi Uetli
(Jodie Whatley), Lu Read (Lou Reed) and group Gorky Park ( Park Bitter ) .
For creation of own cinema style and gravitation to
to the American school of underground cinema it is noted by awards Hurricane David
(Hurricane David, 1980). One of the most successful works shown
by broadcasting companies USA Network, MTV (they are the USA), CANAL PLUS (France), is recognised
futuristic imagination about victims of a cerebral paralysis the Probe of newcomers
(Alien Probe, 1985).

Victor Ginzburg`s First full-length picture Not dull garden according to it
the founder, was its symbolical travel towards to soul of the native land -
Russia it has appeared the most scandalous work of the director and has caused
ambiguous reaction of film critics of America and Europe. The picture epatazhna,
abounds with imitations of lesbian love (fragments of concerts of the Moscow group
Corrosion threw Working in style trash), masterful execution
a striptease and the erotic Old Russian ceremonies, causing conceptual
certificates of scandalous representatives of the Russian avant-guard of Alla Sigalovoj,
Petlyuras, Natasha Kudrjavtsevoj and a duet of La - Re. The video series built by the director
completely is deprived any bashfulness and does not find out attempts to soften
an event by means of director`s shifts.
it is frank enough in a film the cynicism and neglect to
is shown numerous cheap nature in use scene (with the consent of the husband) young
women as photomodel for magazine Andrey (the Russian variant Play
Boy ) . From - for this scenes the film has not passed the selection commission
a film festival in Toronto (the first attempt to present a picture on court
professionals) and has been rejected as speculative . On viewing in the House
cinema capital film critics as have considered this scene causing, at the same time having noted
and obscene revelations the young prostitute in the ending.
during discussion the film critics excited with champagne have accused the director in
authoritative retelling of events of bygone days, of desire to present
the Russian woman the unbridled street maid. Attempts of the director to resist
to the critic by means of positive reviews of the western press, have sunk in rough
type barrackings to Whom we in general listen ? .
Making comments on a situation to the correspondent, Victor Ginzburg admitted that
counted on scandal, but did not expect such embitternment . As he said, it
has concerned erotic revolution in Russia rather quiveringly : We are
now in full shit, and should have a civic courage it to recognise . In
time of discussion Mark Rudinshtejn (the organizer the rolling company of a film in
Russia) has told to the correspondent that the picture will be a success, as
specifies a way out: the beauty will save the world .