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The convention on chemical weapon destruction

Dangerous substances are liable to destruction

Yesterday in Paris signing of the Convention on working out prohibition,
manufactures, accumulation and applications of the chemical weapon and about its destruction has taken place.
on behalf of Russia the signature under the document was put by the Minister for Foreign Affairs
Andrey Kozyrev (p. 11 see). The convention which is coming into force since 1995,
assumes annual granting by each country - the participant of the data about
manufacture, import and export of the chemical components carried to number
dangerous . With a view of control over observance of conditions of the convention the international Organization on prohibition of the chemical weapon is created

intention to join the Convention have declared already about 115 countries. However in
their number while there are no Arabian states, and Iraq has openly declared about
non-alignment. Arabs give reason for the position desire to strengthen
own safety in the conditions of potential ability of Israel
to possess the nuclear weapon.
presence at themselves the chemical weapon only the USA, Russia and
Iraq officially recognise. But, according to the experts, it have at least nearby 20
the countries. And though till now nobody has dared to list all of them by name, among
observers there is an opinion that this number includes a number of the states Near
the East, Asia and Africa. By the way, signing of the Convention does not oblige
the country - participants to declare presence at itself such weapon. However this
the document obliges them is publicly or is hidden - to destroy the stocks
the chemical weapon and to provide conditions for carrying out of inspections.
the Convention extends on 14 kinds of poison gases and 29 them
the components subdivided into three groups. In the first - special enter
twelve substances (nervously - paralytic and poisoning gases) which can
be used exclusively in chemical boezarjadah. The unconditional ban is imposed On their manufacture and
distribution. The second and third groups
are presented by substances double (both military, and peace) applications on
to a sign of decrease of degree of their danger.
however, according to experts, accurately to spend such differentiation chemical
substances difficultly enough: many of them, under the expert opinion, are dangerous, but
correspond to medical and ecological standards of some countries and is wide
are applied in agriculture, medicine and manufacture of the household goods. To
to their number concerns, for example, used in anticancer medical
preparations hloretil - 2 - metilamin which is liable to destruction now, and
also containing in paste for ball-point pens tiodiglikol and used
for manufacture of pesticides and herbicides the phosgene, carried to number
dangerous .