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The drunk driver has broken the school bus

In the Tula area the school bus has broken. Fourteen children and two it is adult
  the Drunk driver has broken the school bus
In the Tula area the school bus has broken. Fourteen children and two adults have got traumas of various severity level. The driver operating bus in a state of intoxication is guilty in happened.

On Monday about three o`clock in the afternoon the bus has approached on Tourist`s Deevsky high school to bring home, to village Terjaevka, pupils of the senior classes. For three hours before when it brought younger schoolboys, the driver hardly has not overturned pazik in a ditch. Frightened children have told about it to parents. But those too have late phoned to school - in Terjaevke only one phone works. When school director Alexander Jarushenko has run out on street, the bus already lay under the bridge through small river Turdejku up wheels.
in it there were 23 senior pupils, the mathematics teacher Olga Grishaeva, three children from 5 - go a class (they were late at school to prepare gifts by February, 23rd). In the bus there were four men whom the driver undertook to bring up.
I have sat down on an armchair near to the driver, - Olga Grishaeva tells. - And only have got under way, as I have felt a pungent smell peregara from it. Has asked it to stop the car, to take other driver. We just passed by state farm office ` Tourist`s Deevsky `, it is their bus. But the driver sat as if the stone. And here this terrible turn " has begun;.
Local residents in general name the bridge through Turdejku damned. Descent to the bridge very abrupt also begins with sharp turn. Every year cars, motorcycles here fight. Last summer under car wheels on the bridge the little girl was lost.
to all other, this day there was a terrible ice (road services plentifully sanded a hill and the bridge only after failure). Though speed was low - eyewitnesses speak, no more than 20 - 30 km/ ch, - the bus after descent has moved at first to the left, and then to the right. The first time the driver could keep the car, and then has not carried. The bus has punched two links of a protection of the bridge, some time balanced on the bottom, and has then failed downwards from four-metre height, having turned over on a roof.
the first of the crumpled car the pupil 9 - go a class of Volodja of Epiploons has got out. Then adult men. Together they have started to beat glasses and to pull out wounded men. all cry, groan, - the teacher remembers. - we have under the own steam gone to hospital, the blessing it nearby. Only sixth-grader Igor Volkov has fainted, its senior pupils have informed on hands .
After first-aid treatment of 14 suffered children and two adults have sent in district hospital. At all closed cranial - brain traumas, brain concussions. At one of boys a bruise of a cervical vertebra. Doctors define a condition of children as satisfactory though unequivocally to assert that no consequences of failure will exist then, anybody does not undertake. The originator of accident, 40 - summer Sergey Grankin has suffered also. Except cranial - a brain trauma at it deep rezanye wounds of the person. Inhabitants of village characterise it as the guy supposedly what will not refuse if you will ask. He also would drink like a few.
Children from Terjaevki long should go now for study on foot - 5 km and more by a cemetery or on a line. Yesterday from Terjaevki nobody has come to school.

- paramonova IRINA, Tula