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Kurds do not advise to go to Turkey

Shuttles it does not frighten
  Kurds do not advise to go to Turkey
it does not frighten Shuttles

Yesterday the representative of Front of national clearing of Kurdistan (FNOK) in the CIS Mahir Valat has urged Russians not to go to Turkey, as nobody can give to them of safety guarantees in this country . This statement has followed right after how formal accusation in high treason has been brought to Kurdish leader Abdulla Ocalan.

In conversation with correspondent Mahir Valat has explained that Kurds are not going to make acts of terrorism in resort zones and on civil objects in Turkey. However, as he said, in the conditions of mass actions of Kurds at which suppression the governmental forces use the weapon, tourists can suffer. Besides, as Valat has told, 80 % of incomes of tourist business in Turkey are used for conducting war with Kurds. Therefore refusal of Russians of trips there would help the Kurdish people.
representative FNOK has denied the statement of the director of FSB Vladimir Putin (made it on Friday at the closed hearings in the Duma) that Ocalan did not submit the application on granting to it of a political asylum to Russia. And as proof has presented to journalists a copy of the letter of the Kurdish leader to Boris Yeltsin. Valat has told to the correspondent that this letter has been submitted to Presidential Administration on November, 4th together with the reference accepted this very day by the Duma to the president with support of the request of Ocalan about a refuge. Valat also has called in question the statement of the chief it is information - analytical management SVR of Michael Dmitriev, made it at the same hearings. According to Dmitriev, Turkish special services traced Ocalan`s movings with delay of all at six o`clock that, according to the Russian scout, can mean only one: in the nearest environment of the Kurdish leader there was a Turkish informant. According to Valata, it was not possible to Ankara to trace Ocalan`s all movings, and about its trip to Kenya Turkish special services have learnt from the Greek governmental sources.
Mahir Valat has informed that at VI congress of the Workers` party of Kurdistan (RPK) has been decided not to choose Ocalan`s successor, and to establish in party collective leadership. As he said, RPK has not lost hope yet for the peace decision of a Kurdish question. However if it will not be possible to reach it, Kurds can resort to the armed actions in mother countries (so they name not Kurdish areas of Turkey). For today, according to FNOK, in collisions with Turkish forces of law and order of 20 Kurds were lost, hundreds are wounded, some thousand are arrested.
the situation in Turkey steadfastly is watched by the Russian travel agencies. As have told to the correspondent in firms Kalinka Ltd and Pegas (specialising on trips to Turkey), whether will decrease number of the Russians, wishing to have a rest on resorts of Antalia, it will be clear only on the eve of a tourist season - in the end of March. And Russian shuttles making trips to Istanbul, did not become less. Them to frighten difficultly.