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the Skylight on the Internet

Anonymous publications of the compromising data — usual practice for the Internet
  the Skylight on the Internet
Anonymous publications of the compromising data - usual practice for the Internet. The confidential given Israeli hackers very like to publish in a network. For example, in 1995 in teleconference USENET the real name of head of a secret service " has been named; Mossad (truth, workers of service had time to intercept the message and the confidential name has not got to newspapers). And in half a year other group of hackers has published the recipe of interception of conversations which are conducted from company Motorola cellular telephones in several teleconferences.
Recently something similar began to occur and on the Russian Internet: in November at some o`clock there was a site the Claw And since December has earned an agency site the Skylight (www. rumours. ru). Last tried to intrigue visitors of the Internet, publishing incontestable (as, however, and indemonstrable) political hearings, and is more true, literary improvisations on the set political theme.
uncompromising, but anonymous struggle against the Penza regional administration was developed by local opposition on American Web - the server geocities. com. Anonymous oppositionists print truth about the Penza regional administration also save the compromising evidence on governor Botchkarev.
at last, a case with the publication on the Internet of the bill of particulars on business of military journalist Grigory Pasko. Pasko it is accused of change to the Native land in the form of espionage . Its business is coded, petitions of lawyers of Pasko for giving to process of open character are rejected. But it is literally last week some mass-media have informed that the bill of particulars containing military secrets of which disclosure Pasko is accused, is exposed on a general review on the Internet. However, FSB has already declared that the document placed in a network from criminal case of Pasko is not the bill of particulars, according to lawyers of the defendant.