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Pogroms not far off

Russia has endured new splash in extremism. Regional branch RNE in Ekater
  Pogroms not far off
Russia has endured new splash in extremism. Regional branch RNE in Ekaterinburg without permission of local authorities everyone on that has spent yesterday in a city solemn procession with putting on of wreaths to a memorial to the fallen soldiers. It became the answer to the statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs about support of the Moscow mayor in opposition with Alexander Barkashov who, despite of everything, intends to spend congress of the party in Moscow. And one day earlier the leader of the Duma extremism Albert Makashov has declared literally the following: Jews so are impudent therefore - allow I on - to the, on - soldatski I will tell, - because from us still anybody to them at a door was not knocked, still anybody a window not obossal. Therefore they so, reptiles, also are courageous! With details - SERGEY - KASHIN.

Now it became obvious: one of pre-election columns of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation whom, on Gennady Zyuganov`s plan, Albert Makashov should head, has chosen anti-Semitism by the slogan. Brotherly support of companions on the Communist Party, expressed in unwillingness accurately and unequivocally to condemn tricks of the colleague, provokes general Makashov to the further development of a theme. While the State Office of Public Prosecutor spends complex socially - psychological examination the previous statements of the general, it develops a theme struggle against Jews in regions. Addressing to conferences of Movement in support of army in Novocherkassk where Makashov was present together with other visible communist, the public prosecutor and deputy Victor Ilyukhin, the general has offered To consider Movement in support of army as Movement against Jews - DPZH . Talking profusely about attempts of the authorities to bring against its criminal case, Makashov has gone further away: the Word ` the anti-semite ` it is illegal? Everything that becomes for the good of the people, - all is lawful. The people are always right! We will be anti-semites and should win!
in Novocherkassk these statements the general has broken an applause in a hall where there were Cossacks, miners, communists. From a staff - apartments of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation of an applause it is not audible, but in support of colleagues Makashov - as shows experiment - can be assured. Though the chairman of Legislative Assembly of the Rostov region communist Leonid Ivanchenko, which itself at conference was not present, revolted with statements of the party fellow, yesterday rang round journalists with the request to give it videorecording of speech of Makashov: It is necessary to show to its Zyuganov. It is necessary to understand with this question .
the Public prosecutors, engaged in Makashov`s business, are not informed on its new Antisemitic statements yet. But anyway materials for complex socially - psychological examination in business will increase. It is necessary to notice that the conclusion of experts should be unequivocal.

Barkashov has promised to walk across Moscow
Simultaneously with Makashov war to the authorities leader RNE Alexander Barkashov declared. He has declared that congress of its organisation will pass in capital in April, despite categorical interdictions of the Moscow mayor. We will remind that in December of last year Yury Luzhkov has forbidden nationalists to spend congress in a hotel complex Izmajlovo . In the answer Barkashov has promised to collect in the spring on congress not five thousand persons, and times in 20 it is more, which will defend the rights at any cost . Luzhkov has seen threat in this statement and has addressed in gorprokuraturu with the requirement to involve the leader of nationalists to a criminal liability. Public prosecutors have raised business, but charge is not shown till now Barkashov - while it only have interrogated as the witness threats to representatives of the power .
the Moscow mayor has reacted instantly: No congress RNE in Moscow will exist and the city authorities will solve this question in any ways: by quiet preventions or power actions . The mayor have supported and in the Ministry of Internal Affairs: the first deputy minister of internal affairs Vladimir Vasilev has promised that militia will operate within the limits of the law in force with all accessible methods to prevent congress carrying out.
in conversation with the correspondent the Businessman Alexander Barkashov has declared that preventions of the authorities do not frighten it: To make comments on Luzhkov`s emotional exclamation I do not intend, and in general - that, the position of the mayor is an obvious excess of powers and a subject for trial in Office of Public Prosecutor. I consider that will lock to spend congress is an infringement of our civil rights and preventing to employment by authorised activity . Now barkashovtsy challenge in the Supreme court the decision of the Moscow government about an interdiction of their congress (the complaint will be considered, most likely, next week) and, according to Barkashov, hope for success.
of the mayoralty are assured that RNE the congress in capital will not spend, on that simple basis that so the mayor has told. Yury Luzhkov`s adviser for safety Alexander Perelygin is assured of it: In December Luzhkov has promised that congress RNE will not be. Well and how, was?
to interfere barkashovtsev it is not enough lawful bases activity. Today the Moscow City Council will consider amendments to the law About administrative responsibility for manufacturing, distribution and demonstration of nazi symbolics in Moscow . The previous edition of the law did not work, as did not provide sanctions for carrying of nazi symbols and did not concern the symbolics similar on nazi or stylised under it. But punishment which provides this law, one - the penalty from 10 to 100 minimum salaries. Widely advertised first prevention of capital justice department is already challenged barkashovtsami, and, according to the deputy chief of this management Vladimir Zhbankova, before liquidation RNE can lawfully pass not one year .
the Authorities need to understand only with existing laws on which in Russia in responsibility cannot be involved neither nationalists, nor fascists. For now RNE in honour of Day of the defender of Fatherland has spent in Ekaterinburg procession with putting on of wreaths to a monument to the soldiers who have fallen in struggle against German fascism. As it is known that Russian it is healthy - that to the German death.