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Thirty employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs can remain invalids

And in two weeks after a catastrophic fire in the Samara hospitals prodolzh
  Thirty employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs can remain invalids
And in two weeks after a catastrophic fire in the Samara hospitals victims continue to arrive. In total in city hospitals now there are 89 victims on a fire.

the grave condition at those who has been taken to hospital during the first hours with the combined traumas - damages of a skeleton and an internal from falling from height, and also with burns. Such it is a lot of. And the burn of respiratory ways is diagnosed for all without an exception of victims. The reason - a hot smoke with poisonous impurity from flaring plastic, linoleum, a paint. Physicians consider that such burn of respiratory ways is capable to lead omertvleniju mucous and even hrjashchevyh fabrics of a throat, a trachea, bronchial tubes, easy. In heavy cases it is fraught not only inflammations and the further complications, but, probably, and death. Treatment of patients with burns of respiratory ways proceeds on the average three - four months.
in the very first days after tragedy in the Samara region fund raising on treatment of victims has begun at a fire. On 300 thousand roubles the regional administration and the mayoralty of Samara, 1 million roubles - Samara podshipnikovyj have allocated factory. The oil company has listed YUKOS to the suffered 3 million roubles. In the list of those who has responded to this trouble, joint-stock company Rosgosstrakh - Samara motorostroitel many other enterprises and banks, Mstislav Rostropovich and Galina Vishnevskaya, private soldiers samartsy.
Doctors assert that now hospitals have all necessary preparations and the equipment. In branches doctors - psychologists as many rescued of fire still stay in a state of shock actively work, at some nervous breakdowns have begun. Physicians regretfully ascertain, what not all victims can return to the work. About 30 militiamen have received damages which conduct to physical inability. And without an exception survived on a fire subsequently it is required to all together with medical also long psychological rehabilitation. The militian salary and in usual life, before February accident, did not allow these people to show off. And now, having got on hospital cots, they have appeared in the most complicated position. The transferred money will allow to spend the basic treatment. And here the further rehabilitation for certain will demand new means.
and though the Samara authorities have already prepared the best sanatoria of the area for victims, the additional help is required to many militiamen. Someone from them should go to southern health resorts of the country for treatment of respiratory bodies, and to someone - on the further treatment abroad. Both and another heavy expenses are coming that. Doctors understandably yet do not name concrete names of these last. The only thing that they speak: the most serious traumas of a backbone, extremities and large burns will demand long and very expensive treatment. Such patient are threatened first of all with physical inability.
the sources familiar with a problem of rehabilitation of victims in similar accidents, inform: completely to put on feet scorched on a fire it is required not less than $5 - 10 thousand, depending on weight of consequences.
such money at the Samara militiamen is not present.
More low we publish the list of personal accounts of employees of the Department of Internal Affairs, whose condition after a fire doctors qualify as the heaviest, heavy and average weight. They can transfer money to personal accounts through the Savings Bank of Russia (the general bank details: OSB #28, BIK 043601613, an INN 6317011073, r/ with 30301810154110100001, subbarks/ with 30101810100000000613 in GRKTS Samaras, BIK GRKTS 043601001, and also personal account number, FIO the victim):
In extremely grave condition:
the Personal account #42301810754110036453/ 01, Abashkina Alla Vladimirovna.
#42301810954110036457/ 01, Kuzmin Lilija Veniaminovna.
#42301810154110036448/ 01, Leonov Vyacheslav Viktorovich.
In a grave condition:
#42301810654110036472/ 01, Amelin Peter Viktorovich.
#42301810854110036515/ 01, Angels Dmitry Nikolaevich.
#42301810954110036509/ 01, Gavrin Vyacheslav Anatolevich.
#42301810354110036484/ 01, Gorbunova Lyudmila Vasilevna.
#42301810954110036499/ 01, Grinblat Andrey Lvovich.
#42301810254110036487/ 01, Dementyev Sergey Kimovich.
#42301810454110036504/ 01, Karon Evgenie Georidenovich.
#42301810054110036496/ 01, the Sack Vyacheslav Sergeevich.
#42301810054110036467/ 01, Pravdina Irina Nikolaevna.
#42301810654110036511/ 01, Radchenko Gennady Petrovich.
#42301810254110036490/ 01, Shkarupa Oksana Petrovna.
#42301810654110036469/ 01, Janaev Nikolay Nikolaevich.
In a condition of average weight:
#42301810654110036430/ 01, Alekseev Vladimir Nikolaevich.
#42301810254110036513/ 01, Andreev Victor Sergeevich.
#42301810054110036506/ 01, Borisov Vera Grigorevna.
#42301810154110036480/ 01, Vilver Sergey Iosifovich.
#42301810354110036523/ 01, Volozhin Andrey Vasilevich.
#42301810554110036491/ 01, tops Oleg Valentinovich.
#42301810154110036419/ 01, Volobuyev Roman Mihajlovich.
#42301810854110036434/ 01, Grigoriev Sergey Sergeevich.
#42301810954110036473/ 01, Gusev Alexander Anatolevich.
#42301810254110036474/ 01, Dikov Victor Nikolaevich.
#42301810054110036454/ 01, Dokuchayev Stanislav Borisovich.
#42301810854110036502/ 01, Djuldina Marina Vladimirovna.
#42301810454110036410/ 01, Elfimova Valentina Osipovna.
#42301810354110036400/ 01, Zajtseva Olga Mihajlovna.
#42301810754110036521/ 01, Ivlev Alexander Jurevich.
#42301810554110036420/ 01, Ishkov Alexander Valentinovich.
#42301810954110036430/ 01, Kireeva Marina Vadimovna.
#42301810154110036435/ 01, Kiselyov Nadezhda Alekseevna.
#42301810254110036416/ 01, Kishov Yury Jurevich.
#42301810854110036476/ 01, Kijametdinov Ravil Talgatovich.
#42301810954110036415/ 01, Kozjupa Sergey Vladimirovich.
#42301810654110036485/ 01, Kolontsov Alexey Anatolevich.
#42301810254110036445/ 01, Konjushihina Galina Konstantinovna.
#42301810854110036447/ 01, Kornev Igor Sergeevich.
#42301810954110036392/ 01, Kubanov Valery Viktorovich.
#42301810454110036423/ 01, Jugs Stanislav Vladimirovich.
#42301810954110036486/ 01, Kulina Valentina Alekseevna.
#42301810154110036516/ 01, Kulygin Alexander Vjacheslavovich.
#42301810854110036489/ 01, Kutrush Vladimir Fedorovich.
#42301810654110036401/ 01, Lazarev Oleg Lvovich.
#42301810354110036468/ 01, Linkevich Andrey Vladimirovich.
#42301810154110036451/ 01, Makarov Vladimir Alekseevich.
#42301810354110036497/ 01, Maslov Alexander Matveevich.
#42301810154110036451/ 01, Makarov Alexey Vladimirovich.
#42301810954110036444/ 01, Melik - Pashaev Arthur Sergeevich.
#42301810754110036479/ 01, Melikhov Olga Mihajlovna.
#42301810554110036462/ 01, Melkumova Elvira Georgievna.
#42301810054110036438/ 01, Mishutina Valentina Ivanovna.
#42301810254110036500/ 01, Nazarenko Yury Borisovich.
#42301810454110036397/ 01, Nazvanov Alexander Viktorovich.
#42301810354110036471/ 01, Nikolaev Oleg Gennadevich.
#42301810554110036514/ 01, Ovcharenko Peter Viktorovich.
#42301810554110036475/ 01, Ognev Sergey Mihajlovich.
#42301810154110036396/ 01, Pavkin Yury Vladimirovich.
#42301810154110036503/ 01, Panteleev Ruslan Vladimirovich.
#42301810954110036460/ 01, Pedosenko Lyudmila Vasilevna.
#42301810154110036477/ 01, Celebratory Julia Valerevna.
#42301810454110036407/ 01, Prokhorov Galina Aleksandrovna.
#42301810754110036440/ 01, Prokhorov Olga Jurevna.
#42301810154110036493/ 01, Raskin Alexander Nikolaevich.
#42301810354110036426/ 01, Safarova Marina Olegovna.
#42301810654110036524/ 01, Simonov Valentine Nikolaevna.
#42301810754110036482/ 01, Solujanova Irina Vladimirovna.
#42301810554110036488/ 01, Telegin Dmitry Sergeevich.
#42301810554110036404/ 01, Togobitsky Michael Vasilevich.
#42301810454110036520/ 01, Topozly Yury Vladimirovich.
#42301810654110036427/ 01, Tosky Evgenie Mihajlovich.
#42301810154110036406/ 01, Tricks Sergey Petrovich.
#42301810454110036494/ 01, Fedorova Alla Vladimirovna.
#42301810054110036522/ 01, Hazanov Alexander Vladimirovich.
#42301810554110036459/ 01, Sharko Andrey Petrovich.
#42301810054110036483/ 01, Shajahmetov Pavel Valerevich.
#42301810254110036393/ 01, Sheljagovich Ivan Ivanovich.