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Too I felt sorry for myself

Repeated champion Olimpiad and superiority of the world in ski relay races Nina Gavry
  Too I felt sorry for myself
Repeated champion Olimpiad and superiority of the world in ski relay races Nina Gavryljuk from Petersburg only the third time for the 12 - summer sports career has won a silver award of the championship in personal race (once it was the third). On Tuesday on a distance on system Gundersena it has conceded of 10 km only to Italian Stefanii Belmondo. For 30 - summer Gavryljuk the present championship - last, and, hence, to become at least once the world champion not in relay race it has already missed possibility. After race NINA GAVRYLJUK has given interview to our correspondent in Ramzau VALERYS - MIRONOVOJ.

- Tridtsatku will run?
- Chances to receive there the medal is not enough. And to be the eighth or the tenth... What for?
- in what of the last personal races probability to receive gold was the highest? Experts consider, what exactly you have approached to the championship in the best form.
- a victory on to the five the fad at a World Cup stage in Zeefelde became unexpectedness for me most, however from - for it upon me rested hopes and on konkovye races in Ramzau. By the way, Belmondo in Zeefelde obviously did not strain, we, on the contrary, tore and threw on this distance to get to the starting four in the championship. And it was necessary to make on - to another: to allow, for example, to Julia Chepalovoj to run konkovuju race then she would feel not restrained, as now, and quiet. Perhaps her father (father Chepalovoj Anatoly is its personal trainer.-) would find to it a greasing variant at which it could become the prize-winner.
Olga Danilov it was necessary to reserve and give the chance to it to run all further races. In other commands there is no such internal competition, therefore, for example, at the Swede even the declared skier can not leave on start. Well she has not wanted. At us, on the contrary, are torn all.
- you are easy for unsettling?
- it seems to me, I to myself disturb more. The situation, can, and it is not necessary that about it infinitely to think, but I, without being able to distract, often I lose a self-confidence. However, I pretty often spoil mood another.
- but your intelligent manner of dialogue, apparently, excludes any aggression...
is an illusion. Simply with unfamiliar people I behave differently, than with relatives to whom from me often gets. Then, as a rule, about it I am sorry, but a kind all the same I do not submit, holding the ground. But, if my opinion differs from opinion of others, I will not begin to impose it.
- in what the reason of your failure in race on 15 kilometres?
- we have not managed to approach to the championship on form peak. In - the second, skis too badly slid on the second part of a distance, and, in - the third, I too quickly for myself have begun race: it has not had time to be involved, as muscles were tired.
- but you the skilled person...
- so it would be desirable to win that emotions have blocked reason.
- and on to ten too it would be desirable to win?
- already it would be desirable nothing, because I was very tired on to the five - all - taki thought that I can take at least the third place. But the inspiration moment has come: give, I think, I will try to make jerk. Time - also it has turned out.
- earlier to you, on - to mine, was nachhat on victories in personal races. In this season you are aimed at them more than ever. Perhaps from what with leaving of Vjalbe the vital space has extended?
- any element of truth in it, certainly, is, and at Lazutinoj not all turns out in a season as she wanted. Earlier I even on trainings was as though on the second plan. Now our new trainer Alexander Voronin has let to us know with Danilovoj that leaders are we. Perhaps, from here also there was a confidence, what all at me this year will develop on - to another?
- in what a phenomenon of Belmondo?
- At it any hypertrophied motivation on a victory. It was allocated with the unusual vivacity still with juniorskogo age. I remember, in 88 - m on the Olympic Games in Calgary the annoying little girl has flown up to me: allow to change supposedly badges. Why - that this moment was fixed in memory. Stefanija known then was not, but to me it was remembered. And it - that is exact since then on us an eye has put.
- Belmondo of kgs forty five weighs, it matters in skis?
- Neither growth, nor weight, age in skiing, on - to mine, values have no. Anyway, not how in other kinds. Character at us is necessary. As at Vjalbe, Lazutinoj and Belmondo. I do not have not enough character that in personal races to run. By the way, for a long time it is noticed that at Belmondo is better it turns out to run in crowd: it a high catches that should slip between all. Gundersen, relay race - here it simply not to keep. And if at it in eyes people flash - it should catch up and break off them. In personal race I, for example, could not force to catch up with myself someone, and in relay race - please. The Same syndrome: to catch up and break off.
- in relay race - that gold you to us guarantee?
- during relay race any accident can prevent. And at Italians, except Belmondo which easily are able on to the five to win back till 30 seconds, equal enough command steals up. Therefore, if we do not provide to ourselves at once a solid separation, it can catch up with any of us.
- you more how many intend to run?
- this year last or penultimate. Forces run low. And nerves too. Further before me two variants: or as the captain of frontier troops I will work at customs, or, having learnt English with the computer, I will be engaged in business. If will carry, can, shop and sport club with the husband we will open in Peter.
- under the general name Gavryljuk and To ?
- I Think, in Petersburg my name will not sound, as Vjalbe in Magadan.
- whence to you well-being personally flows?
- that feet I will earn - that`s all my well-being. The husband at me - military (Igor Badamshin, the known skier in the past.-), too the captain, but its salary is less than mine.
- yes, but you still have contracts with Adidas, Fischer...
- the Victory at least at one stage of a cup (it costs to 6 thousand Swiss francs. -) brings most my others contract for the whole year. There is at me a small house in Pargolovo - not such, as at Vjalbe, more modestly. Still cars - old a Crysler sewing both washing. And two-room apartment in Petersburg. And still the husband, 9 - a summer daughter Eugene which studies in the second class of a prestigious grammar school, and a dog of Tim - something such chernenkoe and not purebred.
- if not to know that you the sportswoman, you can be accepted for the science officer or, say, the teacher more likely.
- at me since the childhood more than to sports to what to another abilities were not. I was engaged in swimming, gymnastics, track and field athletics - to all little by little. But when has come to skis, at once there were results. No, I do not regret that became the skier. The only thing that at us is bad, - is always cold. Track and field athletics in this sense is more favourable.
- will not reproach itself what in sports everything have made not what could?
- I know all errors. But all the same life you will not alter, and as it has passed, and has passed.
- who from young skiers, in your opinion, not without a spark divine?
- Chepalova is allocated with the character. In certain cases even rigid that for sports rather important. But I do not know, where it will get it. JUlja second Lazutinoj or Vjalbe it can achieve something, but all the same, it seems to me, does not become. Stability do not suffice it. They mowed all successively at the expense of long-term preparation, worked, as horses: have risen and have run. Also will run, in passing competing among themselves while them will not stop. They always should be the first. Such they.
- and to you that disturbed?
- pity to itself. You run sometimes on race and you think: and what for I do it? Especially when it becomes too heavy. And just during this moment when similar myslishki creep, involuntarily - that and you reduce speed. And seconds fly.