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The astrological forecast

Thursday, on February, 25th
  the Astrological forecast
Thursday, on February, 25th

Good day. We are quite capable to operate the power, we know that want and as it to reach. Our desires coincide with possibilities, and it happens not so often.
all will be really simple remarkably if you do not make of some nonsenses. For example, will not go to the chief to complain of the problems or to offer own innovations. If you not begin to address on trifles in public authorities. By the way, today it is better to avoid all dialogue with the state in general. Is better to be engaged in business which is is minimum connected with the state. Day for hardworking people.
good time for trade, and also for purchases. Only be not engaged in affairs which are connected with the big capital investments.
carry on negotiations. Communicate with partners, sign agreements. The more you will show personal participation in affairs, to show the in them interest, the better.
in private life all is good. Women understand men, are ready to listen and not to stint attentively them a praise (let even it will be a nonsense praise).
ARIESES behave actively and is unpredictable. Today it is a high time to show the personal initiative. Personal participation you can reach much. But do not overestimate the forces!
good time for TAURUSES - businessmen, especially if you are occupied in trade. Use the charm completely, you can wrap up affairs with benefit for yourselves. Day will be successful if you do not show to life of the big claims.
TWINS should operate under accurately built plan. It is not necessary to alter its hundred times. Today it is better to do without emotions, they can distract you from affairs. Do not spend nerves on trifles.
day gives to CANCERS interesting possibilities. In affairs of problems will not be, however it is better not to be engaged in global projects. In private life by itself something will change for the better.
LIONS should operate on a situation. If there is a possibility actively to earn money (for example, someone will offer you new sources of incomes), use it. If you feel that with something it is better to wait, means, really it is better to wait.
at MAIDENS excellent day. Your intuition is on peak of possibilities. Trust an internal voice, however it is better, if its councils are based on the logician, instead of on emotions.
SCALES are inclined today to frequent changes of mood. There can be doubts in a fortress of your positions, in offered variants of the decision of problems and even in correctness of the chosen way. Doubts are not deprived sense. Do not accept fast decisions. If something confuses you, be not engaged in it.
at SCORPIONS language today is well suspended - you can so uboltat the partner that it will unconditionally accept your conditions. Besides, at you fine intuition.
to SAGITTARIUSES is better to prosecute legal subjects. The special initiative at you is not present, you follow the tastes of a situation more likely. It is good to solve small affairs and not to deal with large problems.
at CAPRICORNS day will be good if you do not begin those affairs which demand the big investments of forces, money and time. The bystrotechnee affairs, the better. Strategic plans demand additional judgement, it is better not to hasten with them.
at AQUARIUS a success presentiment. It does not deceive you. Try today to start to embody the plans in life, that is to make so that your presentiment became a reality.
At FISHES good day for the decision of challenges, especially that hang at you on a neck heavy cargo already long time. And you can solve these problems very easily.

Friday, on February, 26th
Tomorrow is good for short affairs, short-term trips, fast decisions. Conclude single contracts - they will be the most successful.
tomorrow for trade is especially good. Affairs at those who extends seafood, cosmetics and household chemical goods will most successfully go.
it is better not to begin long affairs, especially if they are connected with the state structures. And the state will try to oppress someone.
for negotiations remarkable day (especially its first half). It is better not to be engaged in planning.
time to communicate to relatives.
good day for visiting of cosmeticians and hairdressers. The moon in the Cancer promotes digestion - the dense supper will not damage tomorrow.
ARIESES will receive a positive impulse from domesticities.
TAURUSES persistently achieve the purposes.
TWINS will get tomorrow financial support. If will ask.
CANCERS should listen to intuition councils.
at Lvov emotional day.
it is good to MAIDENS to shop.
SCALES will be convinced that all do correctly.
to SCORPIONS time to solve problems with real estate.
SAGITTARIUSES will find new understanding of life.
to CAPRICORNS well to prosecute real estate subjects.
AQUARIUS can spoil to themselves affairs.
FISHES will feel harmony.