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It is necessary to send our military men to Kosovo?
  direct speech
It is necessary to send our military men to Kosovo?

Vasily Botchkarev, the governor of the Penza region:
- For a long time it is time, if we want to remain the state. We to any country with which were on friendly terms earlier, have not helped a difficult minute. We do not carry out contracts about friendship, cooperation and mutual aid, prisoners with many countries. And the USA or the NATO are strong just because they carry out the obligations.

Alexander Korzhakov, the deputy of the State Duma:
- I hope that the Chechen Republic all - taki has taught us to something. Diplomatic, political and military - technical support of Kosovo - yes. But to enter soldiers it is impossible.

Alexey Tepljakov, the captain of the Air Forces:
- to Help slav brothers, of course, it is necessary. And I know weight of the interested persons, which else money have paid to somebody only to get there. But not I, is better I for the 1200 roubles from the automatic machine will shoot at a dash.

Pavel Makashin, the vice-president of board of bank Paveletsky :
- Yes, we should take the most active part in settlement of this conflict. I would not want, that political weight of our country, its influence have suffered from - for our time economic difficulties.

Alexander Vengerovsky, the committee-man of the State Duma on the international affairs:
- And what for? In the XX-th century we have already lost war for the Balkans.

Alexander Ivanov, the chairman of the Moscow union of families of the military men who were lost in Afghanistan:
- Perish the thought, at us already Russia - that could not be protected! It is not necessary to select sons at parents. To us that, is not enough Afghanistan and Chechen Republic? Few zinc coffins? If money there pays go there professionals, homeless and hungry regular officers can only. And at own will - if want to earn. And our boys should not be touched.

Vladimir Zorin, the chairman of committee of the State Duma on affairs of nationalities:
- So to bring an attention to the question prematurely - trunk-call potential on situation settlement in Kosovo it is not settled yet.

Roksana Babayan, the singer:
- For me it is very confused question. The situation in the former Yugoslavia me forces to reflect that occurs at us. After all there was at us a brotherhood of the people, do not know why, but was. And I simply very much would like to live in peace.

Maxim Andreev, the lieutenant of frontier troops:
- Certainly. And me there to send. In Russia to me now not only to exist in army, but also to leave plainly do not give. Money is not present, speaks, but remain, where you without us... All my acquaintances become an inveterate drunkard. And here such money pays for normal, professional work. I not the romanticist, at me the child small and the wife. I simply would like to live.