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Moscow criminal investigation department has caught Kazan the Shark

Yesterday from Moscow to St.-Petersburg there was etapirovan an arrested person on Monday 34 -
  Moscow criminal investigation department has caught Kazan the Shark
Yesterday from Moscow to St.-Petersburg there was etapirovan an arrested person on Monday 34 - the summer native of Kazan Arthur Jakupov (a nickname the Shark) - one of leaders of the Kazan grouping ZHilploshchadka . Him suspect performed by several custom-made murders of Tatarii, Moscow and St.-Petersburg.

Behind shoulders at Jakupova three previous convictions. In 1985 it has received three years conditionally for theft. In 1986 - the m besides for theft has been sentenced to a 3 years imprisonment. And in 1996 Jakupov has been again arrested and has received four years conditionally for illegal storage of the weapon.
last history already became a legend. In the April morning 1996 in apartment of the Shark which it removed in the Kazan microdistrict Azino - 2, insurgents of a competing gang " have tried to rush; Dragons . They have been armed and equipped by last word of technics. It is enough to tell that on gangsters there were type helmets Sphere which fighters of antiterrorist group " use; the Alpha .
While two a dragon broke a steel door, the third on a rope has gone down from a roof, has broken out on 8 - m a floor and has flown in apartment of the Shark. That has had time to be prepared for storm: has put on a bullet-proof vest, a helmet and has charged a pistol of Stechkina. Stitched by bullets a dragon has died on the spot, the others have run up.
while the militia went on a scene, Jakupov has erased fingerprints from a pistol, has thrust it in a sock and has thrown out from a window. However, when have found a pistol, long did not begin to open, recognising that its this weapon. Shark has explained that the trunk has found, wanted was to hand over in branch, but has then left for self-defence. Judges to it have believed and have appointed rather symbolical punishment. And business about murder have closed.
after that a shark has got over from Kazan to Moscow and, under the operative data, has taken part in several dismantlings with the gangsters who have located here from Tatarii. Eventually it declared in federal search - witnesses on photos have identified the Shark as the murderer of certain Kuznetsova, a member of criminal grouping Bottoms . JAkupov the Kazan gangsters ran to St.-Petersburg, where also many.
but have caught Jakupova all - taki in Moscow. It has been repeatedly put on the wanted list by law enforcement bodies of Petersburg as the prospective executor of the last year made in October of attempt at Michael Osherova, the adviser of the speaker of the State Duma Gennady Seleznev (doctors have literally pulled out from a next world of Osherova which has been wounded by two shots in a head). A shark has decided to sit out in Moscow, and have found it in the removed apartment in the street Milashenkova. At detention employees of Moscow criminal investigation department have withdrawn from it the TT pistol, two grenades F - 1 and the complete set of documents on another`s surname. An hour later per an ambush arranged in this apartment, the gangster from Naberezhnye Chelny Oleg Bukanov who at itself had the gas pistol adapted for shooting by fighting cartridges has got. From it have withdrawn the second complete set of false documents with photos of Jakupova.
In private conversations murovtsy name the Shark second Solonikom (He/she is the well-known killer who has made a series of custom-made murders, running of a pre-trial detention centre and killed subsequently in Greece). Though the Moscow and Kazan detectives were going to interrogate Jakupova, under the order of the State Office of Public Prosecutor it have soon sent to St.-Petersburg. Probably, it is connected not only with investigation of attempt at Osherova, but also with business of the deputy of Legislative Assembly of Petersburg Yury Shutova which the Office of Public Prosecutor accuses of the organisation of a gang and six murders of local businessmen and politicians. Under the operative data, Clowns also has been connected with the Kazan criminal community, and inspectors do not exclude that the Shark could be the executor of the crimes ordered by it.